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news Title: Election Results Could Have Impacted Alberta's Skilled Worker Market
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Alberta's election for a new provincial government could have affected both the labour market and the oil and gas sector.

Albertans voted to elect a new provincial government yesterday. While it was initially speculated that the Danielle Smith-led Wildrose Party would be victorious, the Progressive Conservative party won in the end.

A Wildrose Party win could have had a significant impact on Saskatchewan's labour force. John Church is a political scientist at the University of Alberta, and said that a Wildrose Party Government could have meant fewer impediments for Alberta's oil and gas sector. This would mean that the sector would be able to progress quickly (News Talk 650).

This could have then put more pressure on Alberta's labour market, forcing them to recruit skilled workers from outside the province.

Saskatchewan employers are already dealing with a critical labour shortage. Alberta could be pressured to recruit workers for the construction industry, as well as for oil and gas.

For people from Saskatchewan, this would have meant more job opportunities in Alberta - provided that those people were interested in these types of skilled worker positions.

In her victory speech yesterday, newly-elected Premier Alison Redford promised change to Alberta. Earlier in the election process, she had outlined plans to eliminate poverty in Alberta (Edmonton Journal).