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If you aren’t sure what job openings are related to your job title because the Skilled Trade Categories aren’t clear –we have done our best to come up with all the job titles that fall under each category. 
Look for specific your skilled trade job title, then click the number beside it and you will be directed to a list of jobs offered in your skilled trade category
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access floor installer helper
access floor specialist carpenter
acetylene welder
acid treater - oil field services
acid truck driver - oil field services
acidizer, oil field services
acoustic tile and drywall installer
acoustic tile installer
acoustical ceiling installer
adjuster, cigarette shell-and-slide packet-making machines
aerial tram operator
air breaker operator
air conditioner installer, residential
air conditioner installer, window
air conditioning and heating mechanic
air conditioning and refrigeration contractor
air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
air conditioning installer, window
air conditioning mechanics foreman/woman
air gun operator
air hammer operator - construction
air lock tender
air tool operator
air track drill operator helper
air treatment installer
aircraft engine assemblers foreman/woman
aircraft engine assembly foreman/woman
aircraft engine fitters foreman/woman
aircraft engine overhaul foreman/woman
aircraft engine parts machinist
aircraft engine repair foreman/woman
aircraft hydraulics repair shop foreman/woman
aircraft jig and template maker
aircraft jig and tool maker
aircraft layout man/woman sheet metal
aircraft machinist
aircraft maintenance chief
aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) chief
aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) supervisor
aircraft maintenance mechanics foreman/woman - aircraft mechanical systems
aircraft maintenance service supervisor
aircraft maintenance supervisor - aircraft mechanical systems
aircraft maintenance supervisor, mechanical systems
aircraft mechanical systems maintenance service supervisor
aircraft mechanical systems maintenance supervisor
aircraft mechanical systems mechanics foreman/woman
aircraft mechanics and inspectors foreman/woman
aircraft mechanics and inspectors foreman/woman - mechanical systems
aircraft mechanics and repairers foreman/woman - mechanical systems
aircraft mechanics foreman/woman
aircraft propeller repair foreman/woman
aircraft servicing foreman/woman
aircraft servicing supervisor
aircraft welder
airport road paving foreman/woman
airport runways road foreman/woman
air-track drill operator - construction
aluminum door and window installer
aluminum siding installer
aluminum window installer
AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) chief
ammunition-assembling machine adjuster
ammunition-loading machine adjuster
antenna installer - electronic equipment
antenna installer, television
appliance repair shop foreman/woman
appliance repair shop supervisor
appliance repairer, gas - customer service
applicator, siding
apprentice automotive machinist
apprentice boat carpenter
apprentice bricklayer
apprentice brickmason
apprentice carpenter
apprentice carpenter-joiner
apprentice cement finisher
apprentice construction electrician
apprentice drywall applicator
apprentice electrician
apprentice electrician, construction
apprentice elevator mechanic
apprentice fabricator-fitter, structural metal and platework
apprentice farm equipment mechanic
apprentice farm machinery mechanic
apprentice fitter - shipbuilding
apprentice fitter, sprinkler systems
apprentice floor covering installer
apprentice gas fitter
apprentice glazier
apprentice heavy equipment operator
apprentice industrial electrician
apprentice industrial instrument mechanic
apprentice industrial mechanic
apprentice industrial painter and decorator
apprentice installer and finisher, drywall
apprentice instrument mechanic
apprentice insulator
apprentice ironworker
apprentice line maintainer - electric power systems
apprentice lineman/woman - electric power systems
apprentice machinist
apprentice marine electrician
apprentice mason
apprentice mechanic, diesel engines
apprentice mechanic, farm equipment
apprentice mechanic, farm machinery
apprentice mechanic, refrigeration
apprentice metal fabricator
apprentice metal shipwright
apprentice metal structure erector
apprentice millwright
apprentice miner
apprentice mobile crane operator
apprentice operator, mobile crane
apprentice painter and decorator
apprentice pipefitter
apprentice pipefitter-steamfitter
apprentice plasterer
apprentice plumber
apprentice power line repairer
apprentice power system electrician
apprentice refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic
apprentice roofer
apprentice sheet metal worker
apprentice shingle roofer
apprentice ship`s plater
apprentice shipfitter
apprentice sprinkler system fitter
apprentice steamfitter
apprentice steel fabricator
apprentice structural metal and platework fabricator
apprentice structural steel and platework fitter
apprentice structural steel fabricator
apprentice tilesetter
apprentice tinsmith
apprentice tool and die maker
apprentice welder
arc welder
arc welder - pipeline
arc welder, hand
artificial marble setter
artificial stone mason
asbestos fibre preparer
asbestos insulator
asbestos remover
asbestos worker - construction
ash handler
asphalt batch plant operator
asphalt cold patcher
asphalt mixer
asphalt paving foreman/woman
asphalt paving labour gang foreman/woman
asphalt plant labourer - construction
asphalt plant operator
asphalt raker
asphalt roller operator
asphalt roofer
asphalt roofer helper
asphalt roofers foreman/woman
asphalt roofing contractor
asphalt roofing foreman/woman
asphalt shingle roofer
asphalt shingler
asphalt spreader
asphalt spreader operator
asphalt street paver operator
asphalt worker - road
asphalt-grooving machine operator
asphalt-paving machine operator
asphalt-paving screed operator
assembler tack welder
assembler, extensible conveyor belt - underground mining
assembly foreman/woman, industrial machinery
assembly foreman/woman, machinery
assembly mechanics foreman/woman
assistant offshore drilling rig superintendent
assistant platform superintendent
assistant superintendent, offshore drilling rig
assistant toolpusher - offshore drilling rig
assistant transmission lineman/woman - electric power systems
attendant, used building materials yard
auto body solderer
auto parts machine shop inspector
automated storage and retrieval system operator
automated welding machine operator - flash butt process
automatic door system installer
automatic door system installer and servicer
automatic door system servicer
automatic garage door installer
automatic pallet equipment operator
automatic welding machine operator
automobile mechanics foreman/woman
automotive body repair foreman/woman
automotive body repair shop supervisor
automotive body shop foreman/woman
automotive body shop supervisor
automotive engine repair foreman/woman
automotive machine shop foreman/woman
automotive machinist
automotive repair and service shop supervisor
automotive service mechanics foreman/woman
automotive service mechanics supervisor
automotive testing shop supervisor
aviation machinist
aviation welding technician
awning erector
awning installer
awning installer helper
backfiller - underground mining
backhoe mechanic
backhoe operator
bakery machinery mechanic
ballast control operator - offshore drilling rig
bandoleer packer - explosives manufacturing
batterboard setter
battery lead burner
battery lead-burner operator
belt conveyor attendant
bench blaster - underground mining
bench die cutter
bench die fitter
bench die sinker
bench hand, sheet metal mechanic
bench jig maker
bench machinist
bench stamping die maker
bench tool maker
bending machine operator - pipelines
bicycle repair shop supervisor
bill poster
billboard erector
bin attendant
bin filler
bituminous paver operator - heavy equipment
bituminous paving labourer
bituminous paving machine operator
blacksmith shop foreman/woman
blacktop raker
blacktop spreader
blast hole driller - underground mining
blaster - quarrying
blaster - surface mining
blaster - underground mining
blaster (except underground mining)
blaster helper - underground mining
blaster, construction
blaster, line crew - underground mining
blasters foreman/woman - construction
blasters foreman/woman - mining and quarrying
blasters foreman/woman - quarrying
blasters foreman/woman - surface mining
blender operator - oil field services
blending machine operator - oil field services
blockholer - underground mining
blower operator, insulation
blowtorch operator
blowtorch welder
boat and ship insulator
boat carpenter
boat crane operator
boat engine repair foreman/woman
boat joiner
boatbuilder, wood
boatbuilding apprentice
bobcat operator
body shop foreman/woman
body shop supervisor
boiler and pipe insulation specialists foreman/woman
boiler and pipe insulator
boiler and pipe insulators foreman/woman
boiler fitter
boiler installer
boiler insulator
boiler repairer
boiler repairman/woman
boiler shop mechanic
boiler welder
boilerhouse machinery mechanic
boilermaker apprentice
boilermaker, erection and repair
boilermaker, maintenance
boilermaking shop foreman/woman
bolter operator - underground mining
boom crane operator
boom truck crane operator
boom truck hoist operator
boom-conveyor operator
boss, layers track - underground mining
boss, level - underground mining
boss, sand fill - underground mining
boss, shift - mining and quarrying
boss, track
boss, yard - mining and quarrying
bottom cager - underground mining
box bander
box filler
boxcar loader
branch supervisor, pest control
brattice builder - underground mining
brazer and hammerer
brazer, furnace
brazer, gas
brazer, resistance
brazing machine operator
brazing machine setter
brick and stone mason
brick and stone masons foreman/woman
brick chimney builder
brick cleaner
brick masonry contractor
brick setter
bricklayer foreman/woman
bricklayer helper
bricklayer supervisor
bricklayer, chimney repair
bricklayer, furnace lining
bricklayer, kiln repair
bricklayer, ladle repair
bricklayer, maintenance
bricklayer, refractory brick
bricklayer, residential
bricklayer, smokestacks
bricklaying and masonry contractor
bricklaying contractor
brickmason`s helper
bridge and girder plater
bridge and highway construction gang foreman/woman
bridge carpenter
bridge construction foreman/woman
bridge construction ironworker
bridge crane operator
bridge gang worker - construction
bridge operator - underground mining
bridge painter
bridge painters foreman/woman
brine well tender
broadloom installer
brusher - underground mining
bucket elevator operator
bucketwheel operator
bucketwheel-excavator operator
buggy-operator skinner
buggy-scraper operator
builder, brattice - underground mining
builder, patios
builder, refractory
builder, wooden boats
building addition carpenter
building and house wrecker
building carpenter
building construction electrician
building construction estimator
building electrician
building glass glazier
building glazier
building insulation material installation foreman/woman
building insulation specialists foreman/woman
building insulator
building insulators foreman/woman
building maintenance supervisor
building mover contractor
building movers foreman/woman
building moving foreman/woman
building painter
building painter helper
building systems erector
building wrecker
building wrecking contractor
building wrecking foreman/woman
built-up flat roofer
built-up roofer
bulk materials carrier operator
bulk materials loader operator
bulk materials unloader
bulldozer driver
bulldozer operator
bundler, hand
bus and truck repair foreman/woman
cabinetmaker apprentice
cabinetmaker`s helper
cabinetmakers foreman/woman - furniture manufacturing
cabinetmaking contractor
cable installation and repair foreman/woman - telecommunications
cable installation contractor
cable installation foreman/woman
cable installation supervisor
cable installer - electric power systems
cable installer - electrical power
cable installer and repairer - electric power systems
cable installers and repairers foreman/woman - telecommunications
cable jointer - electric power systems
cable maintenance and repair supervisor
cable repairer - electric power systems
cable splicer - electric power systems
cable splicer - electrical power
cable splicers foreman/woman - telecommunications
cable splicing foreman/woman - telecommunications
cable television system installers and repairers foreman/woman
cable welder
cable workers front line supervisor
cableman/woman - electric power systems
cablevision technicians foreman/woman
cage tender
cage tender - underground mining
camera repair shop supervisor
can seamer machine repairer
canal equipment mechanic
cantilever crane operator
car loader, railway
carbide tool maker
carbon dioxide truck operator - oil field services
cargo handling supervisor
carhouse supervisor - railway transportation
carpenter helper
carpenter lead hand
carpenter rough
carpenter supervisor
carpenter, bridges
carpenter, building additions
carpenter, concrete forms
carpenter, floor systems
carpenter, framing
carpenter, houses
carpenter, interior finish
carpenter, interior systems
carpenter, log homes
carpenter, maintenance
carpenter, manufactured houses
carpenter, mill
carpenter, mine
carpenter, plant
carpenter, prefabricated structures
carpenter, railway rolling stock
carpenter, renovation
carpenter, restoration
carpenter, shipbuilding
carpenter, studio
carpenters foreman/woman
carpentry contractor
carpentry foreman/woman
carpentry repairman/woman
carpentry supervisor
carpet installer
carpet layer
carpet layer helper
carpet mechanics helper
carrier operator, bulk materials
carton-forming machine repairer
cat operator
cat skinner
caterpillar car operator
caterpillar operator
caterpillar tractor repairer
caulker - construction
caulker, precast concrete
cedar shakes shingler
cedar shingler
ceiling installer
ceiling system installer
cement and concrete pump tender
cement finisher
cement finisher apprentice
cement finisher foreman/woman
cement finisher helper
cement finishing contractor
cement gun nozzle operator
cement gun operator
cement loader and sacker
cement mason
cement mason apprentice
cement mason, highways and streets
cement mason, maintenance
cement mixer operator - construction
cement pump operator
cement smoother foreman/woman
cement truck driver - oil field services
cementer, oil field services
cementing equipment operator - oil field services
central air conditioner installer
central air conditioner repairer
central air conditioning installer
central air conditioning mechanic
central air conditioning repairer
central air conditioning servicer
ceramic tile installer
ceramic tilesetter
chain link fence erector
chainman/woman, pile driving
charge hand, machine shop
chemical plant service mechanic
chemical process equipment mechanic
chemical services operator - oil field services
chemical truck operator - oil field services
chief aircraft maintenance engineer (AME)
chief AME (aircraft maintenance engineer)
chief electrician
chief estimator - construction
chimney bricklayer
chimney repair bricklayer
chimney repair stonemason
churn drill operator helper - water well
chute blaster
chute blaster - underground mining
chute loader - underground mining
chute operator - underground mining
cigarette shell-and-slide packet-making machine adjuster
cigarette-making machine adjuster
cinder block mason
cinder block setter
cinder crane operator
clamper - construction
climbing crane operator
climbing tower crane operator
CNC (computer numerical control) machinist
coal conveyor operator
coal conveyor operator - surface mining
coal dumper
coal handler
coal hauler - underground mining
coal loader-unloader
coal mine foreman/woman
coal miner
coal wheeler
coal-moving equipment operator
coiled tubing operator - oil field services
cold patcher, asphalt
combination mechanic, heavy equipment
combination welder
commercial air conditioning mechanic
commercial building painter
commercial construction painter
commercial refrigeration mechanic
commercial sign erector
commercial sign installer
communications foreman/woman
composition floor layer
composition roofer
compressed gas plant maintenance mechanic
computer numerical control (CNC) machinist
computer-assisted machinist
concentrating plant mechanic
concrete and cement finishers foreman/woman
concrete and cement finishing contractor
concrete block pourer
concrete block setter
concrete breaker
concrete finisher
concrete finisher apprentice
concrete finisher helper
concrete finishers foreman/woman
concrete finishing foreman/woman
concrete float pourer
concrete floor finisher
concrete form builders foreman/woman - carpentry
concrete former helper
concrete forms carpenter
concrete gun operator
concrete mason
concrete mixer helper
concrete mixer operator - construction
concrete mixer operator helper - highway construction
concrete patcher-finisher
concrete paver operator helper
concrete paving foreman/woman
concrete paving labourer
concrete polisher
concrete pourer - construction
concrete pump operator
concrete smoother-finisher
concrete spreader operator
concrete spreader operator - heavy equipment
concrete vibrator operator, manual
concrete waterproofer - construction
concrete-grooving machine operator
concrete-laying gang foreman/woman
concrete-paving labour gang foreman/woman
concrete-paving machine operator
conduit installer - electric power systems
construction and maintenance electrician
construction blaster
construction boilermaker
construction carpenter
construction cost consultant
construction cost estimator
construction craft labourer
construction crane operator
construction driller
construction electrician
construction electrician apprentice
construction electrician helper
construction electricians and repairers foreman/woman
construction electricians foreman/woman
construction electricians supervisor
construction equipment mechanic
construction equipment operator
construction equipment repairman/woman
construction estimator
construction gang foreman/woman
construction helper
construction labourer
construction labourer and helper
construction lineman/woman - electric power systems
construction lineman/woman - electrical power line
construction millwright
construction painter
construction painters foreman/woman
construction painters supervisor
construction sheet metal worker
construction site foreman/woman
construction supervisor - underground mining and quarrying
construction trades helper
construction worker
construction worker - mines
consultant, construction costs
continuous bucket excavator operator
continuous mining machine operator
contractor, air conditioning
contractor, air conditioning and refrigeration
contractor, asphalt roofing
contractor, bricklaying
contractor, bricklaying and masonry
contractor, cabinetmaker
contractor, carpentry
contractor, cement finishing
contractor, concrete and cement finishing
contractor, construction ironwork
contractor, construction ironworking
contractor, decorating
contractor, drywall application
contractor, drywalling
contractor, eavestrough installation
contractor, electrical installation
contractor, electrical systems
contractor, electrical wiring installation
contractor, excavating
contractor, fencing
contractor, floor covering
contractor, glass installation and repair
contractor, glazing
contractor, heating and air conditioning
contractor, heating and air conditioning systems
contractor, heating system installation and repair
contractor, heating systems
contractor, hot water heater installation
contractor, insulating
contractor, insulation
contractor, interlocking paving stones
contractor, ironwork
contractor, marble and terrazzo setting
contractor, metalwork forming, shaping and installing
contractor, painting
contractor, painting and wallpapering
contractor, paperhanging
contractor, pipefitting
contractor, plastering
contractor, plastering and drywall application
contractor, plastering and drywalling
contractor, plumbing
contractor, refrigeration
contractor, roofing
contractor, roofing (except sheet metal roofs)
contractor, septic systems
contractor, sheet metal
contractor, sheet metal roofing
contractor, shingle roofing
contractor, siding
contractor, steel structure forming, shaping and erecting
contractor, stonemasonry
contractor, structural steel erecting
contractor, swimming pool installation
contractor, telecommunications
contractor, terrazzo finishing
contractor, tile, terrazzo and marble setting
contractor, tilesetting
contractor, water well drilling
contractor, welding
contractor, well digging
contractor, well drilling
contractor, wood shingle roofing
contractor-floor coverer
contractor-polisher, terrazzo
contractor-roofer (except metal roofs)
contractors estimator
control room operator - offshore drilling
control technician, nuclear generating station and heavy water plant
conveyor belt attendant
conveyor belt operator (except underground mines)
conveyor belt patroller-controller
conveyor console operator
conveyor operator - material handling (except underground mines)
conveyor operator - underground mining
conveyor operator, grain
conveyor repairer
conveyor tender - material handling (except underground mines)
conveyorman/woman - underground mining
core drill operator - construction, surface mining and quarrying
core driller
core driller - underground mining
core-drill operator
core-drill operator - underground mining
cork insulation installer
cost estimator - construction
crane and hoisting equipment operator
crane chaser
crane crew foreman/woman
crane hoist operator
crane hooker
crane operator
crane operator apprentice
crane operator, drilling rig
crane repairer
crane service technician
crawler crane operator
crawler tractor operator
crew chief - aircraft maintenance
cribber - grain elevator
crusher operator - underground mining
crusherman/woman - underground mining
cupola spray reliner
curb builder, manual
curtain wall glazier
custom desk maker, wood
custom frame and mirror assembler
custom piano case maker
custom sheet metal fabricator
custom wood furniture maker
custom wooden desk maker
customer service supervisor - housing construction
cutting machine operator - underground mining
dairy equipment repairer
dampproofer helper
deck builder
deck installer
deck worker
deckman/woman - underground mining
decorating contractor
decorating foreman/woman - construction
decorators foreman/woman
demolition contractor
demolition crane operator
demolition foreman/woman
demolition worker
dental equipment installer-servicer
dental equipment maintenance technician - military
dental equipment technician - military
derrick mechanic
derrick worker - oil and gas drilling
derrickhand - offshore drilling
derrickhand - oil and gas drilling
derrickman/woman - oil and gas drilling
development miner
diamond drill operator - surface mining and quarrying
diamond driller - underground mining
diamond driller helper - underground mining
diamond drilling foreman/woman
diamond saw maker
diamond tool maker
diamond-drill operator
diamond-drill runner - underground mining
diamond-point drill operator
die cutter
die cutter - metalworking
die cutter, jewellery
die finisher
die fitter
die maker
die maker - jewellery
die maker, wire-drawing
die mouldmaker
die reamer
die repairer
die repairman/woman
die sinker
die sinker - metalworking
die sinker, bench
die sinker, jewellery
diecast diemaker
diesel electrician - railway
diesel engine machinist
diesel engine mechanic
diesel engine mechanic - heavy equipment
diesel engine mechanic apprentice
diesel engine repairman/woman - railway
diesel loaderman/woman - underground mining
diesel locomotive repairman/woman
diesel mechanic
diesel mechanic - heavy equipment
diesel mechanic apprentice
differential gear testing machinist
digger - construction
digger, sewers
dishwasher installer
disposal worker - warehouse
distribution construction lineman
district gas serviceman/woman
ditch cleaner - construction
ditcher operator - construction
ditching foreman/woman
ditching machine operator
division supervisor, pest control
dock builder-installer
dock carpenter
dock foreman/woman - marine cargo
dockman/woman - truck transport
domestic and rural electrician
door frame installer
door installer
door installer, aluminum
door installer, residential
dope machine operator - pipelines
downhand welder - pipeline
downhole loader - underground mining
dozer operator
dragline crane operator
dragline operator - crane
dragline operator helper
drapery hanger
drapery installer
dredge mechanic
dredge operator
dredge repairer
dredge runner
dredge worker
dredgemaster - construction
dredging equipment operators foreman/woman
dredging foreman/woman
drift driller - underground mining
drift miner
drill carriage operator helper - underground mining
drill fitter boss - mining
drill fitter foreman/woman - mining
driller - quarrying
driller - surface mining
driller - underground mining
driller helper - underground mining
driller, construction
driller, drift - underground mining
driller, long-hole - underground mining
driller, quarry
driller, rotary raise - underground mining
driller, seismic prospecting
drilling and blasting foreman/woman - construction
drilling foreman/woman - mining and quarrying
drilling machine operator - construction
drilling machine operator - underground mining
drilling platform welder
drilling rig crane operator
drilling rig welder
dryman/woman - underground mining
drywall and acoustic mechanic
drywall and acoustical installer helper
drywall and ceiling system installer
drywall and lather applicator
drywall application contractor
drywall applicator
drywall applicators foreman/woman
drywall contractor
drywall finisher
drywall finisher apprentice
drywall hanger
drywall installer
drywall installer and finisher
drywall installer and finisher apprentice
drywall installer lead hand
drywall installer team leader
drywall interior systems installer
drywall mechanic
drywall nailer
drywall nailing person
drywall sander
drywall taper
duct installer
dumbwaiter installer-repairer
dumper - material handling
dumper - surface coal mining
dynamic positioning operator - offshore drilling
dynamiters foreman/woman - construction
dynamiters foreman/woman - quarrying
dynamiting foreman/woman - construction
earthmoving equipment mechanic
earth-moving equipment operator
earthworks labourer - construction
eavestrough contractor
eavestrough installer
electric appliance installer
electric arc welder
electric arc welder, hand
electric crane operator
electric dolly operator
electric dragline operator
electric gantry crane operator
electric household appliance installer
electric household appliance installer - residential and commercial equipment
electric meter installer - electric power systems
electric meter installers foreman/woman
electric meter installers supervisor
electric meter setter - electric power systems
electric monorail crane operator
electric motor repair foreman/woman
electric motor shop foreman/woman
electric mule operator
electric sign erector
electric signal repairer - railway
electric spot welder
electric spot welder operator
electric spot-welding machine operator
electric truck operator
electrical and mechanical quantity surveyor
electrical appliance installer
electrical appliance repair shop supervisor
electrical appliances installation foreman/woman
electrical cable splicer - electric power systems
electrical construction contractor
electrical construction foreman/woman
electrical contractor
electrical contractor, construction
electrical equipment installation and repair foreman/woman
electrical equipment operator - shovel
electrical estimator - construction
electrical fixtures installer
electrical foreman/woman
electrical machinist
electrical mechanics foreman/woman
electrical power inspector and tester supervisor
electrical powerhouse electrician
electrical powerhouse electrician - electrical power system
electrical repairer, crane maintenance
electrical repairer, industrial
electrical repairer, machine shop
electrical supervisor - drilling rig
electrical systems contractor
electrical technician - military
electrical technician (power system) - military
electrical wirer, construction
electrical wiring inspector supervisor
electrical wiring installation contractor
electrical wiring installer - construction
electrician - electricity production
electrician - military
electrician - rail transport
electrician - troubleshooter
electrician foreman/woman
electrician, building construction
electrician, construction and maintenance
electrician, electrical powerhouse - electrical power system
electrician, electrical substation - electrical power system
electrician, industrial
electrician, institution
electrician, plant maintenance
electrician, shipyard
electricians supervisor
electromechanical foreman/woman
electromechanical technicians foreman/woman
elevating grader operator
elevating scraper operator
elevator adjuster
elevator builder
elevator construction foreman/woman
elevator constructor
elevator constructor and mechanic apprentice
elevator constructor-mechanic
elevator constructors foreman/woman
elevator erector
elevator installer
elevator maintenance mechanic
elevator mechanic
elevator mechanic (non-construction)
elevator mechanic apprentice
elevator repair mechanic
elevator repairer
elevators maintenance service supervisor
emergency line repairer - electric power systems
emergency servicer - electric power systems
emergency team foreman/woman - telecommunications
engine overhaul foreman/woman
engine repair foreman/woman, boats
equipment mechanic, nuclear power station
equipment operator, heavy-duty
erector, electric signs
erector, highway signs
erector, iron structure
erector, neon signs
erector, precast concrete
erector, scaffold
erector, sign
erector, steel stud - non-bearing walls
erector, steelwork - underground mining
erector, structural iron
escalator installer
escalator installer-repairer
escalator mechanic (non construction)
escalator repairer
escalator repairman/woman
estimator, building construction
estimator, construction
estimator, construction cost
estimator, trade contractors - construction
excavating and grading labour foreman/woman
excavating contractor
excavating equipment mechanic
excavating equipment operators foreman/woman
excavating machine operator
excavating, grading and paving foreman/woman
excavating, grading and related work foreman/woman
excavation labourer
excavation worker
excavations superintendent
excavator foreman/woman
excavator operator
explosives handler
explosives packer
express service handler (except air transport)
extensible conveyor belt assembler - underground mining
exterior cladder
exterior cladder helper
exterior plasterer
exterior trimmer - building
exterminating service supervisor
extrusion die template maker
fabrication welder
fabricator - structural metal
fabricator and fitter, platework
fabricator, metal
fabricator, metal - structural metal and platework
fabricator, platework
fabricator, steel
fabricator, steel - structural metal and platework
fabricator, structural metal
fabricator, structural steel
face boss - underground mining
faceman/woman - coal mine
factory maintenance mechanic
farm equipment mechanic
farm equipment repair foreman/woman
farm equipment technician
farm machinery mechanic
farm tractor mechanic
farm tractor repairer
fats and oils loader
feed mill loader
felling equipment mechanic
fence builder
fence builder, rail
fence contractor
fence erector
fence erector, basket weave
fence erector, chain link
fence erector, louvred
fence erector, metal
fence erector, wire
fence erector, wood
fence installer
fibre glass insulation specialists foreman/woman
fibre insulators foreman/woman
fibreglass insulation installer
fibreglass-forming machine repairer
field engineer equipment operator - military
field mechanic, heavy equipment
field supervisor, oil well servicing
fill foreman/woman - underground mining
finish carpenter
finish carpenters foreman/woman
finish joiners foreman/woman
finish plasterer
finisher helper, terrazzo
finisher, cement
finisher, concrete
finisher, concrete floors
finisher, concrete products
finisher, drywall
fire boss mining
fire brick layer
fire brick liner repairer
fire prevention and automatic suppression systems installer
fire protection insulator
fire protection mechanic
fire protection piping installer
fire sprinkler fitter
firearms machining inspector
firearms model maker machinist
firebrick layer helper
fireplace brickmason
fireproofing applicator
fireproofing plasterer
fireproofing plastering foreman/woman
firestopping insulator
fitter - metal fabrication
fitter - sheet metal working
fitter - shipbuilding
fitter - structural metal fabrication
fitter apprentice, structural steel and platework
fitter helper - construction
fitter lead hand - structural metal and platework
fitter, gas mains
fitter, platework
fitter, sprinkler system
fitter, steel - metal platework
fitter, steel - structural metal
fitter, structural metal
fitter, structural metal and platework
fitter, structural steel
fitter, structural steel and platework
fitter, tubes - structural metalwork and platework
fitter-assembler, structural metal
fitter-welder, structural metal and platework
fit-up welder
flagman/woman - construction
flame-brazing machine operator
flame-brazing machine setter
flash butt welder
flat roofer
floating crane operator
floor and wall covering installer, residential
floor and wall covering installers foreman/woman
floor coverer helper
floor coverer-contractor
floor covering contractor
floor covering foreman/woman
floor covering installer
floor covering installer apprentice
floor covering mechanic
floor covering supervisor
floor layer
floor layer`s helper
floor sander
floor sander and finisher
floor sander and finisher helper
floor sander and polisher
floor sheeting layer
floor systems carpenter
floor tile layer
floorcovering installer helper
floorcovering mechanic helper
foam insulation foreman/woman
foam insulators foreman/woman
foamed insulation applicator
footman/woman - underground mining
foreman/woman, air conditioning and refrigeration
foreman/woman, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics
foreman/woman, air conditioning mechanics
foreman/woman, aircraft engine assemblers
foreman/woman, aircraft engine assembly
foreman/woman, aircraft engine fitters
foreman/woman, aircraft engine repair
foreman/woman, aircraft maintenance mechanics - aircraft mechanical systems
foreman/woman, aircraft mechanical systems mechanics
foreman/woman, aircraft mechanics
foreman/woman, aircraft mechanics and inspectors
foreman/woman, aircraft mechanics and inspectors - mechanical systems
foreman/woman, aircraft mechanics and repairers - mechanical systems
foreman/woman, aircraft servicing
foreman/woman, appliance repair shop
foreman/woman, asphalt paving
foreman/woman, asphalt roofers
foreman/woman, assembly mechanics
foreman/woman, automobile mechanics
foreman/woman, automotive body repair
foreman/woman, automotive body repair shop
foreman/woman, automotive body shop
foreman/woman, automotive engine repair
foreman/woman, automotive machine shop
foreman/woman, automotive service mechanics
foreman/woman, blacksmith shop
foreman/woman, blacksmiths
foreman/woman, blasters - construction
foreman/woman, blasters - quarrying
foreman/woman, blasters - surface mining
foreman/woman, blasting - mining and quarrying
foreman/woman, boat engine repair
foreman/woman, body shop
foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulation specialists
foreman/woman, boiler and pipe insulators
foreman/woman, boilermakers
foreman/woman, boilermakers, platers, and structural metal workers
foreman/woman, boilermaking shop
foreman/woman, brick and stone masons
foreman/woman, bricklayer
foreman/woman, bridge construction
foreman/woman, bridge painters
foreman/woman, building insulation specialists
foreman/woman, building insulators
foreman/woman, building movers
foreman/woman, bus and truck repair
foreman/woman, cabinetmakers
foreman/woman, cabinetmakers - furniture manufacturing
foreman/woman, cable installations
foreman/woman, cable splicers - telecommunications
foreman/woman, cable television system installers and repairers
foreman/woman, cablevision technicians
foreman/woman, carpenters
foreman/woman, carpentry
foreman/woman, cement finishers
foreman/woman, concrete and cement finishers
foreman/woman, concrete finishers
foreman/woman, concrete form builders - carpentry
foreman/woman, concrete paving
foreman/woman, construction electricians
foreman/woman, construction electricians and repair workers
foreman/woman, construction painters
foreman/woman, coppersmiths
foreman/woman, crane crew
foreman/woman, decorators
foreman/woman, demolition
foreman/woman, diamond drilling
foreman/woman, dredging equipment operators
foreman/woman, drilling - mining and quarrying
foreman/woman, drilling and blasting - construction
foreman/woman, drywall applicators
foreman/woman, electrical appliances installations
foreman/woman, electrical construction
foreman/woman, electrical equipment installation and repair
foreman/woman, electrical mechanics
foreman/woman, electricians
foreman/woman, electromechanical technicians
foreman/woman, elevator construction
foreman/woman, elevator constructors
foreman/woman, elevator mechanics
foreman/woman, engine overhaul
foreman/woman, excavating equipment operators
foreman/woman, excavating, grading
foreman/woman, excavating, grading and paving
foreman/woman, farm equipment repair
foreman/woman, fibre glass insulation specialists
foreman/woman, fibre insulation
foreman/woman, fibre insulators
foreman/woman, fill - underground mining
foreman/woman, finish carpenters
foreman/woman, finish joiners
foreman/woman, fire protection equipment installers
foreman/woman, fireproofing plasterers
foreman/woman, floor and wall covering installers
foreman/woman, floor covering
foreman/woman, foam insulators
foreman/woman, form builders
foreman/woman, framers
foreman/woman, freight terminal
foreman/woman, furnace installers
foreman/woman, gas fitters
foreman/woman, gas service
foreman/woman, general carpenters
foreman/woman, glass installators
foreman/woman, glass installers
foreman/woman, glaziers
foreman/woman, grading equipment operators
foreman/woman, greenhouse installers
foreman/woman, ground crew - aircraft maintenance
foreman/woman, heating systems mechanics
foreman/woman, heavy agricultural machinery assembly
foreman/woman, heavy construction crew
foreman/woman, heavy construction equipment assembly
foreman/woman, heavy construction labourers
foreman/woman, heavy equipment assembly
foreman/woman, heavy equipment mechanics
foreman/woman, heavy farm equipment assembly
foreman/woman, heavy machinery assembly
foreman/woman, heavy-duty equipment mechanics
foreman/woman, heavy-duty equipment operators
foreman/woman, helicopter maintenance - mechanical systems
foreman/woman, highway construction
foreman/woman, hothouse installers
foreman/woman, house moving
foreman/woman, household electrical appliance repair shop
foreman/woman, HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) mechanics
foreman/woman, hydraulic unit repair shop
foreman/woman, industrial electricians
foreman/woman, industrial machinery assembly
foreman/woman, industrial machinery manufacturing
foreman/woman, industrial machinery mechanics
foreman/woman, industrial mechanics
foreman/woman, industrial, farm and construction machinery mechanics and repairers
foreman/woman, installers and repairers - telecommunications
foreman/woman, insulation specialists
foreman/woman, insulators
foreman/woman, ironworkers
foreman/woman, labourers and other elemental workers - construction
foreman/woman, lathers
foreman/woman, line and cable installation
foreman/woman, line and cable installers
foreman/woman, line and cable repairers - power lines
foreman/woman, loading and moving - construction
foreman/woman, locomotive erecting shop
foreman/woman, locomotive inspectors
foreman/woman, logging road construction
foreman/woman, longshore workers
foreman/woman, longshoremen/women, stevedores and freight handlers
foreman/woman, machine builders
foreman/woman, machine fitters
foreman/woman, machine maintenance - manufacturing
foreman/woman, machine shop
foreman/woman, machine shop inspectors
foreman/woman, machine tool operators
foreman/woman, machinery assembly
foreman/woman, machinery manufacturing
foreman/woman, machining
foreman/woman, machining and tooling inspectors
foreman/woman, machining inspectors
foreman/woman, machining tool operators
foreman/woman, machining tools
foreman/woman, machinists
foreman/woman, machinists and machine tool set-up operators
foreman/woman, maintenance carpenters
foreman/woman, maintenance electricians
foreman/woman, maintenance machine shop
foreman/woman, manufacturing machinery assembly
foreman/woman, marble setters
foreman/woman, marine electricians
foreman/woman, marine pipe fitters
foreman/woman, marine pipefitters
foreman/woman, marine service - engine repair
foreman/woman, mechanical equipment repair inspection
foreman/woman, mechanical equipment repair inspectors
foreman/woman, mechanical inspectors
foreman/woman, mechanical maintenance - utilities
foreman/woman, mechanics
foreman/woman, metal and woodworking machinery manufacturing
foreman/woman, metal fabricators
foreman/woman, metal fitters
foreman/woman, metal shapers
foreman/woman, metal-machining inspection
foreman/woman, metal-mould and metal-pattern makers
foreman/woman, meter installers and repairers
foreman/woman, meter repair shop
foreman/woman, millwrights
foreman/woman, mine
foreman/woman, motor vehicle body repairers
foreman/woman, motor vehicle engine repair
foreman/woman, motor vehicle mechanics
foreman/woman, motor vehicle mechanics and repairers
foreman/woman, motor vehicle repair shop
foreman/woman, motorcycle mechanics
foreman/woman, motormen/women and dinkeymen/women (except rail transport)
foreman/woman, mould shop - machining
foreman/woman, office machine repairers
foreman/woman, oil and gas well drilling
foreman/woman, oil and natural gas well servicing
foreman/woman, oil burner installation
foreman/woman, oil burner mechanics
foreman/woman, oilfield construction
foreman/woman, painters - construction
foreman/woman, painters and decorators
foreman/woman, paperhangers
foreman/woman, paving
foreman/woman, paving, surfacing
foreman/woman, pipefitters
foreman/woman, pipeline construction
foreman/woman, plasterers
foreman/woman, plate shop
foreman/woman, platework fabricators
foreman/woman, plumbers
foreman/woman, power line and cable workers
foreman/woman, power line repairers
foreman/woman, power line technician
foreman/woman, power system electricians
foreman/woman, printer repairers
foreman/woman, printing machine mechanics
foreman/woman, printing machine repair
foreman/woman, printing machine repairers
foreman/woman, printing press and machine mechanics
foreman/woman, processing and packaging equipment maintenance
foreman/woman, production - mining and quarrying
foreman/woman, production machinery maintenance
foreman/woman, propeller repair
foreman/woman, quarry
foreman/woman, rail transport equipment repair
foreman/woman, rail transport equipment repairers
foreman/woman, railway car inspection
foreman/woman, railway car inspectors
foreman/woman, railway car maintenance
foreman/woman, railway car repair
foreman/woman, railway car repairers
foreman/woman, railway equipment maintenance inspectors
foreman/woman, railway gang
foreman/woman, railway maintenance-of-way
foreman/woman, railway rolling stock assembly
foreman/woman, railway rolling stock manufacturing
foreman/woman, railway track laying
foreman/woman, railway track maintenance
foreman/woman, refractory bricklayers
foreman/woman, refrigeration
foreman/woman, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators
foreman/woman, refrigeration mechanics
foreman/woman, residential construction
foreman/woman, road maintenance
foreman/woman, roofers
foreman/woman, roofers (except sheet metal roofs)
foreman/woman, sheet metal workers
foreman/woman, shift - mining and quarrying
foreman/woman, ship joiners
foreman/woman, shot - mining and quarrying
foreman/woman, signaling system installation
foreman/woman, small engine repair
foreman/woman, small-engine repair shop
foreman/woman, sprinkler system installers
foreman/woman, stain glass installers
foreman/woman, stained glass glaziers
foreman/woman, stair builders
foreman/woman, steamfitters
foreman/woman, steel fitters - metal fabrication
foreman/woman, steel frame erectors
foreman/woman, steel riggers
foreman/woman, steel structure erectors
foreman/woman, steel truss erectors
foreman/woman, stonemasons
foreman/woman, stope - mining
foreman/woman, structural metal erectors
foreman/woman, structural metal fabricators
foreman/woman, structural steel workers
foreman/woman, stucco plasterers
foreman/woman, surface mine
foreman/woman, surface mine blasting
foreman/woman, tarmac paving
foreman/woman, telecommunication cable installation
foreman/woman, telecommunication installers and repairers
foreman/woman, telecommunication line installation, repair and testing
foreman/woman, telecommunication line installers
foreman/woman, telecommunication line installers, repairers and testers
foreman/woman, telecommunication line maintenance
foreman/woman, telecommunication line repairers
foreman/woman, telecommunication service
foreman/woman, telecommunications installation and repair workers
foreman/woman, telephone installation
foreman/woman, terrazzo setters
foreman/woman, textile machine mechanics
foreman/woman, textile machinery assembly
foreman/woman, tilesetters
foreman/woman, tool and die inspectors
foreman/woman, tool and die makers
foreman/woman, tooling inspectors
foreman/woman, transformer repair shop
foreman/woman, turbine assembly
foreman/woman, underground electrical conduits
foreman/woman, underground mine
foreman/woman, water well drilling
foreman/woman, waterproofers
foreman/woman, waterworks construction
foreman/woman, welders
foreman/woman, wheel shop - railway equipment
foreman/woman, wood patternmakers
foreman/woman, wood shingle roofers
foreman/woman, wrecking crew
foreman/woman, zinc roofers
forge equipment repairer
forge shop machinery mechanic
forge shop machinery repairer
forging die finisher
forging die maker
forklift operator
forklift truck operator
form builders foreman/woman
form carpenter
form remover - construction
form setter, metal - construction
form stripper - construction
formation fracturing operator - oil field services
foundation dampproofer helper
foundation drill operator
foundation drill operator - construction
foundation drill operator helper
foundation waterproofer, construction
frac driver - oil field services
fracturing supervisor - oil field services
framer helper - construction
framers foreman/woman
framing carpenter
freight car loader
freight car unloader
freight handler (except air transport)
freight handling foreman/woman
freight loader (except air transport)
freight loading foreman/woman
freight terminal foreman/woman
freight unloader (except air transport)
front end loader operator
front line supervisor - power line maintenance
front line supervisor, cable workers
fuel injection unit servicer - diesel
furnace brazer
furnace converter
furnace installers foreman/woman
furnace solderer
furniture cabinetmaker
furniture loader-unloader
furniture mover
gang foreman/woman - railway
gang foreman/woman, bridge and highway construction
gang foreman/woman, concrete laying
gang foreman/woman, construction
gantry crane operator
garage door installer
garage supervisor
gas and arc welder
gas appliance repairer
gas appliance repairer - customer service
gas appliance servicer
gas appliance servicer - customer service
gas brazer
gas customer servicer
gas fitter
gas fitter apprentice
gas fitter trainee
gas fitter-installer
gas fitters foreman/woman
gas fitters supervisor
gas line fitters foreman/woman
gas main fitter
gas pipefitter
gas pipelayer - construction
gas service foreman/woman
gas service supervisor
gas servicer
gas technician
gas turbine repairer
gas welder
gas works troubleshooter
gas-shielded arc welder
gas-shielded arc welding machine operator
gauge maker - tool and die
gear inspector-machinist
gear tester-machinist
general carpenters foreman/woman
general construction foreman/woman
general construction labourer
general construction supervisor
general foreman/woman - building construction
general foreman/woman - mining
general foreman/woman, residential construction
general machinist
general supervisor - building construction
general supervisor - residential construction
general welder
generalist erector, steel structures
generalist steel structure erector
glass and metal mechanic
glass cut-off machine unloader
glass installation and repair contractor
glass installation foreman/woman
glass installer-glazier
glass installers foreman/woman
glass setter - construction
glass setter helper
glass wall installer
glass wallcovering installer
glass worker
glass worker apprentice
glass worker helper - construction
glazier and metal mechanic
glazier and metal mechanic apprentice
glazier apprentice
glazier helper
glazier supervisor
glazier, building
glazier, curtain walls
glazier, exterior walls
glazier, plate glass
glazier, stained glass
glazier, structural glass
glazier, window sash and frame
glaziers foreman/woman
glazing contractor
glazing supervisor
gradall operator
grade tamper - construction
grader operator
grading equipment mechanic
grading equipment operators foreman/woman
grain conveyor operator
grain elevator maintenance mechanic
grain handler
grain weigher
granite setter
gravel roofer
greenhouse installers foreman/woman
groove-cutting machine operator
grooving machine operator - heavy equipment
ground crew foreman/woman - aircraft maintenance
ground worker, pile driving
grout machine operator
grout pump operator
gum-wrapping machine mechanic
gunite mixer - construction
guniter - construction
gyproc applicator
gypsum lather
gypsum plasterboard applicator
hammer operator, pile driving
hand arc welder
hand bagger - material handling
hand bundler
hand electric arc welder
hand packager
hand packer, sacks - material handling
hand resistance welder
hand sacker - material handling
hand truck operator
handler, explosives
handler, freight (except air transport)
handler, grain
handler, heavy materials
handler, light materials
handler, materials
handler, materials - manufacturing and warehousing
handler, recycled paper
hang-up blaster - underground mining
hardrock miner
hardrock miner apprentice
hardwood floor covering installer
hardwood floor layer
haulage truck driver - underground mining
haulageman/woman - underground mining
hauler, coal - underground mining
head operator, loading - underground mining
headman/woman - underground mining
head-office repair supervisor
headwelder, electric welding pipe mill
heat and frost insulator
heater-planer operator
heating and air conditioning contractor
heating and air conditioning mechanic
heating and air conditioning systems contractor
heating and cooling mechanic
heating system installation and repair contractor
heating systems contractor
heating systems mechanics foreman/woman
heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanics foreman/woman
heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mechanic
heavy agricultural machinery assembly foreman/woman
heavy construction crew foreman/woman
heavy construction equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy construction labourers foreman/woman
heavy construction-equipment operator
heavy diesel engine mechanic
heavy duty equipment technician
heavy equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy equipment combination mechanic
heavy equipment field mechanic
heavy equipment inspector-repairer
heavy equipment mechanic
heavy equipment mechanic - diesel engine
heavy equipment mechanics supervisor
heavy equipment operator
heavy equipment operator apprentice
heavy equipment operators supervisor
heavy farm equipment assembly foreman/woman
heavy machinery assembly foreman/woman
heavy materials handler
heavy mobile equipment repairer
heavy mobile equipment repairman/woman
heavy mobile logging equipment mechanic
heavy mobile mining equipment mechanic
heavy water plant control technician
heavy water plant mechanical maintainer
heavy-duty equipment mechanic
heavy-duty equipment mechanic apprentice
heavy-duty equipment operator
heavy-duty equipment operator apprentice
heavy-duty equipment operators foreman/woman
heavy-duty equipment technician apprentice
heliarc welder
helicopter maintenance foreman/woman - mechanical systems
helper, air track drill operator
helper, asphalt roofer
helper, awning installer
helper, blaster - underground mining
helper, borer - underground raise mining
helper, bricklayer
helper, brickmason
helper, building painter
helper, cabinetmaker
helper, carpenter
helper, carpet layer
helper, carpet mechanic
helper, cement finisher
helper, churn drill operator - water well
helper, concrete finisher
helper, concrete former
helper, concrete mixer operator
helper, concrete paver operator
helper, construction
helper, construction electrician
helper, construction trades
helper, diamond driller - underground mining
helper, dragline operator - crane operation
helper, drill carriage operator - underground mining
helper, driller - underground mining
helper, drywall and acoustical board installer
helper, fitter - construction
helper, floor coverer
helper, floor sander and finisher
helper, floorcovering installer
helper, floorcovering mechanic
helper, glass setter
helper, glass worker - construction
helper, glazier
helper, highway concrete mixer operator
helper, insulation hoseman
helper, insulator
helper, interior and exterior wall erector
helper, interior wall finisher
helper, jumbo drill operator - underground mining
helper, jumbo operator - underground mining
helper, lightning rod erector
helper, marble setter
helper, mason
helper, metal roofer - construction
helper, metal trim erector
helper, mole operator - construction
helper, oil burner installer
helper, ornamental iron erector
helper, ornamental metal worker
helper, painter - construction
helper, painter and decorator
helper, paperhanger - construction
helper, pavement line painter
helper, pile driver operator - crane operation
helper, pile-driving lead placer
helper, plasterer
helper, plate fitter - construction
helper, plumber
helper, power shovel operator
helper, raise miner
helper, rigger - construction
helper, road mixer operator
helper, roofer
helper, rotary driller - raise mining
helper, sheet metal worker - construction
helper, sider
helper, spray truck
helper, steam fitter - construction
helper, steel erector
helper, steel form setter
helper, stock
helper, stock-keeper
helper, structural plate fitter - construction
helper, terrazzo finisher
helper, terrazzo layer
helper, terrazzo mechanic
helper, terrazzo polisher
helper, tile setter
helper, trades - construction
helper, tunnelling machine operator - construction
helper, warehouse keeper
helper, waterproofer
helper, welder-fitter - construction
high voltage lineman/linewoman
high voltage lineman/woman - electric power systems
high-raise blaster
high-voltage maintenance lineman/woman
high-voltage power line patroller - electric power systems
high-voltage tower lineman/woman
highway and bridge maintenance road boss
highway and street cement mason
highway concrete mixer operator helper
highway construction boss
highway construction foreman/woman
highway maintenance foreman/woman
highway maintenance worker
highway sign erector
hoist operator - foundry
hoist operator - underground mining
hoist operator (except underground mining)
hoist operator, boom truck
hoist operator, crane
hoistman/woman underground mining
ho-ram operator
horizontal earth-boring machine helper
horizontal earth-boring machine operator
hoseman/woman insulation helper
hoseman/woman, insulation
hot metal crane operator
hot tub installer
hot water heater installation contractor
hot water heater installer
hothouse installers foreman/woman
house carpenter
house mover contractor
house moving foreman/woman
house painter
household appliance installer
household electrical appliance repair shop foreman/woman
household goods mover
hull technician - military
HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) mechanics foreman/woman
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) mechanic
hydraulic coal monitor operator
hydraulic excavator operator
hydraulic unit repair shop foreman/woman
hydrogen braze furnace man/woman
hydrogen braze furnace operator
induction brazer operator
induction brazer, production
induction solderer
industrial backhoe operator
industrial boilermaker
industrial chimney repairer-mason helper
industrial construction boilermaker
industrial construction painter
industrial door installer
industrial electrical systems foreman/woman
industrial electrician
industrial electrician apprentice
industrial electrician lead hand
industrial electricians foreman/woman
industrial electricians supervisor
industrial furnace bricklayer
industrial furnace brickmason
industrial gas fitter-tester
industrial gas servicer
industrial heat exchanger boilermaker
industrial hoist mechanic
industrial instrument mechanic
industrial instrument panel repairer
industrial instrument technician
industrial machinery assembly foreman/woman
industrial machinery maintenance mechanic
industrial machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
industrial machinery mechanics foreman/woman
industrial maintenance painter
industrial mechanic
industrial mechanic and millwright
industrial mechanic apprentice
industrial mechanic, gas turbine machinery
industrial mechanic, mine hoists
industrial mechanic, petroleum refinery
industrial mechanics foreman/woman
industrial mechanics supervisor
industrial mechanic-welder
industrial oven brickmason
industrial plant maintenance mechanic
industrial process control equipment repairer
industrial pump repairer
industrial sheet metal worker
industrial truck operator
industrial welder
industrial, farm and construction machinery mechanics and repairers foreman/woman
in-hole drill operator - underground mining
in-hole driller helper - underground mining
injection moulding tool and die maker
injection mouldmaker
inspector, auto parts machine shop
inspector, firearms machining
inspector, machine shop
inspector, machined parts
inspector, machining
inspector, machining and tooling
inspector, propellers - machining
inspector, tool and die
inspector, tool and gauge
inspector, tooling
inspector, toolroom
inspector-repairer, heavy equipment
installation foreman/woman - telecommunications
installer and finisher, drywall
installer and repairer, automatic pinsetting machines
installer and servicer, automatic door systems
installer helper, awnings
installer helper, vanities and kitchen cupboards
installer, aluminum awning
installer, aluminum doors
installer, aluminum siding
installer, aluminum windows
installer, antennas - electronic equipment
installer, automatic door system
installer, automatic garage door
installer, awnings
installer, curtains
installer, doors
installer, drywall interior systems
installer, ducts - construction
installer, eavestroughs
installer, electric appliances
installer, electric household appliances - residential and commercial equipment
installer, electrical appliances
installer, electrical cables - electric power systems
installer, elevator
installer, fence
installer, fire prevention and automatic suppression systems
installer, fire protection piping system
installer, garage doors
installer, glass wallcoverings
installer, glass walls
installer, hot water heaters
installer, household appliance
installer, industrial doors
installer, insulation
installer, interlocking paving stone
installer, kitchen cabinet
installer, kitchen cupboards and vanities
installer, kitchen units
installer, laboratory furnishings
installer, lightning rods
installer, metal wall framing
installer, neon signs
installer, overhead doors
installer, permastones
installer, pool equipment
installer, recreational equipment
installer, residential doors
installer, satellite antennas
installer, satellite dishes
installer, seats - construction
installer, septic system
installer, septic tank
installer, siding
installer, signs
installer, solar heating equipment
installer, sprinkler systems
installer, sprinklers and fire protection systems
installer, structural glass
installer, structure seats
installer, swimming pool
installer, swimming pool filters and heaters
installer, television antennas
installer, traffic lights
installer, venetian blinds
installer, vinyl pools
installer, water heaters
installer, water-softening systems
installer, weather strips
installer, window shades
installer, windows
installer, wooden panels
installer, wooden window sash
installers and repairers foreman/woman - telecommunications
installer-servicer, travel trailers
instrument maintenance mechanic
instrument mechanic - utilities
instrument technician, industrial
instrumentation and electrical technician, industrial
instrumentation technician, industrial
insulating contractor
insulation applicator
insulation blower
insulation blower helper
insulation blower operator
insulation contractor
insulation foreman/woman
insulation installer
insulation mechanic
insulation specialists foreman/woman
insulation supervisor
insulator apprentice
insulator helper
insulator, heat and frost
insulators foreman/woman
interior and exterior wall erector helper
interior drywall installer
interior finish carpenter
interior finish joiner
interior finisher helper
interior systems carpenter
interior systems installer, drywall
interior systems mechanic
interior trimmer carpenter
interlocking paving stone contractor
interlocking stone installer
iron brazer
iron structure erector
ironwork contractor
ironworker - ornamental
ironworker - reinforcing rebar
ironworker apprentice
ironworker generalist
ironworker helper
ironworker metal building systems erector
ironworker, bridge construction
ironworker, curtain wall installation
ironworker, metal tank erecting
ironworker, metal wall framing
ironworker, metal wall installation
ironworker, reinforcing steel
ironworker, steel door settings
ironworkers foreman/woman
ITH (in-the-hole) driller
jack leg drill operator - underground mining
jack lift operator
jack operator - underground mining
jackhammer operator - construction
jewellery die sinker
jib crane operator
jig and form maker
jig and template maker, aircraft
jig and tool maker, aircraft
jig builder - wood products manufacturing
jig maker - die casting and plastic moulding
jig maker - metal products manufacturing
jig welder-fitter
jig-bore tool maker
jigger operator, supermarket
jitney driver - material handling
joiner helper - construction
joiner, railway rolling stock
journeyman/woman boilermaker
journeyman/woman bricklayer
journeyman/woman brickmason
journeyman/woman cabinetmaker
journeyman/woman carpenter
journeyman/woman cement finisher
journeyman/woman construction electrician
journeyman/woman drywall installer
journeyman/woman elevator constructor
journeyman/woman elevator mechanic
journeyman/woman floor covering installer
journeyman/woman floor mechanic
journeyman/woman gas fitter
journeyman/woman glazier
journeyman/woman heavy-duty equipment mechanic
journeyman/woman industrial electrician
journeyman/woman industrial mechanic
journeyman/woman insulator
journeyman/woman ironworker
journeyman/woman lather
journeyman/woman machinist
journeyman/woman mason
journeyman/woman painter and decorator
journeyman/woman pipefitter
journeyman/woman plasterer
journeyman/woman plumber
journeyman/woman refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic
journeyman/woman reinforcing-iron worker
journeyman/woman roofer
journeyman/woman sheet metal worker
journeyman/woman sprinkler system installer
journeyman/woman steamfitter-pipefitter
journeyman/woman stonemason
journeyman/woman tilesetter
journeyman/woman tool and die maker
journeyman/woman welder
jumbo drill operator
jumbo drill operator - underground mining
jumbo drill operator helper - underground mining
jumbo operator helper - underground mining
junior estimator - construction
junior foreman/woman - mining
kitchen cabinet installer
kitchen cupboard and vanity installer
kitchen unit installer
laboratory equipment installer
laboratory furnishings installer
labour foreman/woman, excavating and grading
labour gang foreman/woman, asphalt paving
labour gang foreman/woman, concrete paving
labourer - material handling
labourer - warehousing and storage
labourer, asphalt plant - construction
labourer, bituminous paving
labourer, concrete paving
labourer, construction
labourer, earthworks - construction
labourer, excavation
labourer, paving operations
labourer, pipeline
labourer, quarry
labourer, shore dredging
labourers and other elemental workers foreman/woman - construction
ladle crane operator
lamp keeper - underground mining
laser beam machine-welder operator
laser beam welder
laser beam welding machine operator
laser welding operator
lather applicator
lather apprentice
lather interior systems mechanic
lather-mechanic, interior systems
lathers foreman/woman
lathers supervisor
layer out developer, structural metal and platework
layer out, structural metal and platework
layer, fire bricks
layer, marble
layer-out, sheet metal
layout marker - cabinetmaking
layout marker, structural metal
lead burner
lead hand, metal preparation - structural metal and platework
lead hand, tilesetters
lead lineman/woman - electric power systems
lead lineman/woman - electricity production and transmission
lead welder
leaded glass glazier
leader, shift - mining and quarrying
level boss - underground mining
LHD (load-haul-dump) operator - underground mining
lift driver
lift jack operator
lift scoop operator
lift truck operator
light materials handler
lightning cable installer
lightning rod erector helper
lightning rod installer
line and cable contractor
line and cable installation and maintenance supervisor
line and cable installation foreman/woman
line and cable installers foreman/woman
line and cable workers supervisor
line checker - electric power systems
line crew blaster - underground mining
line foreman/woman - power lines
line foreman/woman - telecommunications
line installation trainee - electric power systems
line maintainer - electric power systems
line patroller - electric power systems
line repairer - electric power systems
line servicer - electric power systems
lineman/woman - electric power systems
lineman/woman - electric streetcar
lineman/woman trainee - electric power systems
lineman/woman trainee - electricity production and transmission
liner installer, pipelines
linoleum floor covering installer
linoleum floor covering layer
linoleum floor installer
linoleum floor layer
linotype repairer
liquids loader-unloader
loader operator - construction
loader operator, bulk materials
loader, chute - underground mining
loader, fats and oils
loader, freight (except air transport)
loader, railway car
loader, ready-mix trucks
loader, skip - underground mining
loader, tank trucks
loader, trucks
loaderman/woman, diesel - underground mining
loader-unloader - material handling
loader-unloader, furniture
loader-unloader, liquids
load-haul-dump (LHD) operator - underground mining
loading and moving foreman/woman - construction
loading dock foreman/woman
loading head operator - underground mining
loading machine operator - underground mining
loading pocket operator - underground mining
locomotive crane operator
locomotive craneman/woman
locomotive erecting shop foreman/woman
locomotive inspectors foreman/woman
locomotive mechanic
locomotive repairman/woman, diesel
log home builder
log home carpenter
log home carpenter-builder
logging road construction foreman/woman
long-hole blaster - underground mining
long-hole driller - underground mining
longshore workers foreman/woman
longshoremen/women, stevedores and freight handlers foreman/woman
longwall coal shearer operator
louvred fence erector
lumber handler - building supplies
lumber piler - building supplies
lumber stocker - material handling
lumber unloader - material handling
machine builders foreman/woman
machine fitters foreman/woman
machine fitters supervisor
machine maintenance foreman/woman - manufacturing
machine operator - welding, brazing and soldering
machine shop charge hand
machine shop foreman/woman
machine shop inspector
machine shop inspector, auto parts
machine shop inspectors foreman/woman
machine shop supervisor
machine tool grinding foreman/woman
machine tool operators foreman/woman
machine type solderer
machine welder
machined parts inspector
machinery assembly foreman/woman
machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
machinery mechanic, boilerhouse
machinery mechanic, powerhouse
machining and tooling inspector
machining and tooling inspectors foreman/woman
machining foreman/woman
machining inspector
machining inspector, firearms
machining inspectors foreman/woman
machining supervisor
machining tool foreman/woman
machining tool operators foreman/woman
machinist - military
machinist apprentice
machinist, aircraft engine parts
machinist, automotive
machinist, ballistic laboratory
machinist, bench
machinist, CNC (computer numerical control)
machinist, diesel engines
machinist, differential gear testing
machinist, experimental
machinist, maintenance
machinist, model maker
machinist, motion picture equipment
machinist, mouldmaking
machinist, moulds and cores
machinist, precision
machinist, toolroom
machinists and machine tool set-up operators foreman/woman
machinists foreman/woman
machinists supervisor
mail-processing equipment mechanic
maintainer, mobile home
maintainer, oil-drilling rig
maintainer, voltage regulator - electrical power system
maintenance and repair plumber
maintenance and repair plumber, (non-construction)
maintenance boilermaker
maintenance bricklayer
maintenance carpenter
maintenance carpenter helper
maintenance carpenter-joiner
maintenance carpenters foreman/woman
maintenance cement mason
maintenance chief, aircraft
maintenance electrician - industrial
maintenance electricians foreman/woman
maintenance electricians supervisor
maintenance foreman/woman, production machinery
maintenance joiner
maintenance lineman/woman - electric power systems
maintenance machine shop foreman/woman
maintenance machinist
maintenance mechanic
maintenance mechanic - utilities
maintenance mechanic supervisor, production equipment
maintenance mechanic supervisor, production machinery
maintenance mechanic technician - industrial
maintenance mechanic, compressed gas plant
maintenance mechanic, elevators
maintenance mechanic, factory
maintenance mechanic, industrial machinery
maintenance mechanic, industrial plant
maintenance mechanic, mill
maintenance mechanic, oil tools
maintenance mechanic, plant
maintenance mechanic, plant machinery
maintenance mechanic, production machinery
maintenance mechanic, production tooling
maintenance mechanic, steam plant
maintenance mechanic, treatment plants
maintenance mechanics foreman/woman, production machinery
maintenance millwright
maintenance painter
maintenance painter, plant
maintenance pipefitter
maintenance plumber
maintenance sheet metal worker
maintenance supervisor, aircraft - aircraft mechanical systems
maintenance supervisor, aircraft mechanical systems
maintenance supervisor, processing and packaging equipment
maintenance supervisor, telecommunication lines
maintenance welder
maintenance-of-way foreman/woman
major electric household appliance installer
major electrical appliance installer
malthouse worker
man/woman, ventilation - underground mining
manual concrete vibrator operator
manufacturing machinery assembly foreman/woman
marble and terrazzo contractor-setter
marble and terrazzo setter-contractor
marble and terrazzo setting contractor
marble layer
marble mason
marble mechanic
marble setter
marble setter helper
marble setters foreman/woman
marble setting foreman/woman
marble tilesetter
marine boilermaker
marine electrician
marine electrician - military
marine electricians foreman/woman
marine engine mechanic
marine engine mechanic apprentice
marine equipment electrician
marine pipe fitters foreman/woman
marine pipefitter
marine plumber
marine railway operator
marine service foreman/woman - engine repair
marine steamfitter
marine steel fitter
marine wireman/woman
mason, brick and stone
mason, cement
mason, concrete
mason, marble
mason, refractory
mason`s helper
masonry pointer and caulker
masonry silo erector
master machinist
master mechanic, mining equipment
material handler
material handler - manufacturing and warehousing
material handling equipment mechanic
materialman/woman - underground mining
materials technician - military
mechanic - utilities
mechanic, backhoe
mechanic, bakery machinery
mechanic, canal equipment
mechanic, central air conditioning
mechanic, chemical process equipment
mechanic, commercial air conditioning
mechanic, concentrating plant
mechanic, construction equipment
mechanic, derricks
mechanic, earthmoving equipment
mechanic, elevator
mechanic, excavating equipment
mechanic, farm equipment
mechanic, farm machinery
mechanic, farm tractors
mechanic, gas pipes
mechanic, gum-wrapping machines
mechanic, heating and air conditioning
mechanic, heating and cooling
mechanic, heavy diesel engines
mechanic, heavy equipment
mechanic, heavy equipment - diesel engine
mechanic, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
mechanic, industrial
mechanic, industrial hoists
mechanic, industrial instrument
mechanic, locomotive
mechanic, maintenance
mechanic, marble
mechanic, material handling equipment
mechanic, mine hoist machinery
mechanic, mobile logging equipment
mechanic, mobile mining equipment
mechanic, oil drill rig
mechanic, oil pump station
mechanic, ore-processing equipment
mechanic, packaging machines
mechanic, plant equipment
mechanic, plastics-processing equipment
mechanic, printing machinery
mechanic, processing plant
mechanic, production machinery
mechanic, production tooling
mechanic, refrigeration
mechanic, refrigeration and air conditioning
mechanic, repairer
mechanic, rigs
mechanic, roofing
mechanic, rubberizing machines
mechanic, sewage treatment plant
mechanic, sideboom
mechanic, stationary farm equipment
mechanic, tobacco-processing machines
mechanic, tractor
mechanic, upgrading plant
mechanic, utility plant maintenance
mechanic, water filtration plant
mechanic, welding machines
mechanical equipment repair inspection foreman/woman
mechanical equipment repair inspectors foreman/woman
mechanical estimator - construction
mechanical hoist operator
mechanical inspectors foreman/woman
mechanical maintainer, heavy water plant
mechanical maintainer, nuclear generating station
mechanical maintenance foreman/woman - utilities
mechanical maintenance supervisor
mechanical maintenance supervisor - manufacturing
mechanics foreman/woman
mesh-welding machine operator
metal and woodworking machinery manufacturing foreman/woman
metal brazier and heater
metal fabricator
metal fabricator - structural metal and platework
metal fabricator (fitter)
metal fence erector
metal fitters foreman/woman
metal form setter - construction
metal furniture model maker
metal furniture patternmaker
metal inert gas (MIG) welder
metal lather
metal mould finisher
metal mould maker
metal patternmaker
metal patternmaker apprentice
metal preparation lead hand - structural metal and platework
metal roofer
metal roofer helper - construction
metal scaffold erector
metal shapers foreman/woman
metal shipwright
metal shipwright foreman/woman
metal solderer
metal straightener and heater
metal structure erector
metal trim erector helper
metal wall framing installer
metal welder
metal-machining inspection foreman/woman
metal-mould and metal-pattern makers foreman/woman
metal-mould and metal-pattern makers supervisor
metals technician - military
metalwork forming, shaping and installing contractor
metalworking machinery mechanic
meter installer - electric power systems
meter installers and repairers foreman/woman
meter shop foreman/woman
microwave system foreman/woman
MIG (metal inert gas) welder
mill carpenter
mill electrician
mill maintenance mechanic
millwright apprentice
millwright foreman/woman
millwright industrial
millwright, construction
mine attendant
mine captain
mine carpenter
mine construction worker
mine electrician
mine foreman/woman
mine hoist industrial mechanic
mine hoist machinery mechanic
mine hoist repairer
mine locomotive repairman/woman
mine mechanic
mine motorman/woman
mine supervisor
mine timberman/woman
miner helper - raise mining
miner operator
mining equipment master mechanic
mining machine operator
mining machinery mechanic
mining shovel operator (except underground)
mirror wall installer
mixer, gunite - construction
mobile crane operator
mobile farm equipment mechanic
mobile farm machinery repairer
mobile home equipment servicer
mobile home maintainer
mobile home repairer
mobile home servicer
mobile support equipment operator (heavy equipment) - military
Mobilift operator
model maker - tool and die
model maker, sheet metal
model maker, wood
mole operator
mole operator helper - construction
monorail crane operator
monument erector
monument setter
mosaic tilesetter
motor vehicle body repairers foreman/woman
motor vehicle engine repair foreman/woman
motor vehicle jig builder
motor vehicle mechanics and repairers foreman/woman
motor vehicle mechanics foreman/woman
motor vehicle mechanics supervisor
motor vehicle repair shop supervisor
motorcycle mechanics foreman/woman
motorman/woman - mines
motorman/woman - oil and gas drilling
motorman/woman - underground mining
motormen/women and dinkeymen/women foreman/woman (except rail transport)
mould and core machinist
mould maker, metal
mould shop foreman/woman - machining
moulding plasterer
mouldmaker - aircraft
mouldmaker - plastics processing
mouldmaker apprentice
mouldmaker, metal
mouldmaker, wood
mouldmaking machinist
moving walkway installer-repairer
mucker - underground mining
mucker operator - construction
mucking machine operator
mucking machine operator - construction
mucking machine operator - underground mining
mud jack operator
multiservice operator
multiservice operator - oil field services
munitions handler
NC (numerically controlled) machinist
neon sign erector
neon sign installer
nipper - underground mining
nitrogen operator - oil field services
nitrogen truck operator - oil field services
nozzle worker - pile driving
nuclear generating station and heavy water plant control technician
nuclear generating station mechanical maintainer
nuclear power station equipment mechanic
nuclear power station machinery mechanic
nucleonic controller repairer
office furniture installer
office machine repairers foreman/woman
offshore drilling rig superintendent
oil and gas drilling foreman/woman
oil and natural gas well servicing foreman/woman
oil burner installation foreman/woman
oil burner mechanics foreman/woman
oil drill rig mechanic
oil pump station mechanic
oil tool maintenance mechanic
oil tool repairer
oil well acidizer
oil well cementer, oil field services
oil well services field supervisor
oil-drilling rig maintainer
oil-drilling rig mechanic
oilfield construction foreman/woman
oilfield construction supervisor
open pit mine supervisor
open-pit blaster
open-pit driller
operating engineer, heavy equipment
operator, air breaker
operator, asphalt plant
operator, boom truck hoist
operator, cement gun
operator, chute gate - underground mining
operator, coal-moving equipment
operator, conveyor - material handling (except underground mines)
operator, conveyor - underground mining
operator, conveyor belt (except underground mines)
operator, crusher - underground mining
operator, forklift
operator, forklift truck
operator, foundation drill
operator, grain conveyor
operator, hand truck
operator, heavy construction-equipment
operator, jackhammer - construction
operator, laser beam machine welder
operator, lift truck
operator, loading pocket - underground mining
operator, pallet lift
operator, pallet truck
operator, pile-driving hammer
operator, pipeline mandrel
operator, reach truck
operator, rotary drilling machine
operator, shuttle car
operator, side boom tractor
operator, stacker - material handling
operator, straddle carrier
operator, straddle truck
operator, tamper
operator, tier lift truck
operator, transfer hoist
ore handling operator - underground mining
orepass tender - underground mining
ore-processing equipment mechanic
ornamental iron erector helper
ornamental ironworker
ornamental metal worker helper
ornamental plasterer
ornamental-metal worker
oven equipment repairer
overhead crane operator
overhead door installer
oxyacetylene torch welder
oxyacetylene welder
oxyhydrogen welder
package lift operator
packaging machine mechanic
packer - material handling
painter and decorator
painter and decorator apprentice
painter and decorator helper
painter and paperhanger
painter foreman/woman - construction
painter helper - construction
painter, commercial buildings
painter, commercial construction
painter, construction
painter, industrial construction
painter, maintenance
painter, pavement lines
painter, residential construction
painters and decorators foreman/woman
painters and decorators supervisor
painting and wallpapering contractor
painting contractor
painting supervisor - construction
pallet lift operator
pallet loader operator
pallet truck operator
palletizer operator
paper latcher - construction
paper wrapper - material handling
paperhanger helper
paperhangers foreman/woman
paperhanging contractor
paperhanging foreman/woman
parquet floor layer
patio builder
pattern repairman/woman - foundry
pattern shop foreman/woman - metal machining
patternmaker, metal
patternmaker, metal apprentice
patternmaker, wood
pavement line painter
pavement line painter helper
pavement striper
paver operator
pavers and surfacers foreman/woman
paving contractor
paving equipment mechanic
paving foreman/woman
paving gang road boss
paving operations labourer
paving, surfacing and related work foreman/woman
payloader operator
peat-moss-cutting machine operator
peat-moss-gathering machine operator
permastone mason
pest control branch supervisor
pest control division supervisor
pest control supervisor
pick-up machine operator
pier foreman/woman
pile driver operator`s helper
pile driver winch operator
pile driving chainman/woman
pile driving crane operator
pile driving ground worker
pile-driving hammer operator
piler - material handling
piler (except processing)
pipe aligner - pipeline construction
pipe doper - construction
pipe installer, radiator
pipe insulator
pipe laying contractor
pipe organ erector
pipe organ installer
pipe turner - trackman/woman
pipe-cleaning and covering machine operator
pipefitter - shipbuilding
pipefitter helper - construction
pipefitter, railway cars and locomotives
pipefitter, turbines
pipefitter, welding
pipefitters foreman/woman
pipefitters supervisor
pipefitting contractor
pipelayer - construction
pipelayer - drainage systems
pipelayer - irrigation
pipelayer operator
pipelayer, gas - construction
pipeline caulker
pipeline construction supervisor
pipeline installation supervisor
pipeline labourer
pipeline mandrel operator
pipeline welder
pipeline welder helper
pipeline worker - construction
pipeline-liner installer
pipelines construction foreman/woman
pipeworker - underground mining
pit bottom worker
plant carpenter
plant electrician
plant equipment mechanic
plant machinery maintenance mechanic
plant maintenance electrician
plant maintenance mechanic
plant maintenance painter
plant tinsmith
plasterer apprentice
plasterer foreman/woman
plasterer helper
plasterer, finish
plasterer, fireproofing
plasterer, moulding
plasterer, stucco
plastering and drywall application contractor
plastering and drywalling contractor
plastering contractor
plastering supervisor
plastic insulation applicator
plastics-processing equipment mechanic
plate fitter helper - construction
plate glass installer
plate shaper, structural steel
plate shop foreman/woman
plater - shipbuilding
plater, bridges and girders
plater, structural metal and platework
platework fabricator
platework fabricator and fitter
platework fabricators foreman/woman
platework fitter
platform superintendent - oil and gas drilling
plumber - pipefitting
plumber apprentice
plumber foreman/woman
plumber helper
plumber, (non-construction) maintenance and repair
plumber, maintenance and repair
plumber, residential construction
plumber-gas fitter - military
plumbers supervisor
plumbing and heating contractor
plumbing contractor
plumbing estimator - construction
plumbing installer
plumbing mechanic
pneumatic drill operator - construction
pneumatic hammer operator - construction
pole distributor operator
pole stacker operator
pool and patio contractor
pool equipment installer
pool installer, vinyl
pool service routeman/woman
pool servicer
portable spot welder
post hole driller
potash miner
powderman/woman - underground mining
power crane operator
power curber tender
power electrician
power grader operator
power line and cable workers foreman/woman
power line lineman/woman, electrical
power line maintainer - electric power systems
power line maintenance workers front line supervisor
power line patroller
power line repair foreman/woman
power line repairer - electric power systems
power line repairers foreman/woman
power line service foreman/woman
power line technician foreman/woman
power lineman/woman
power lineman/woman - electricity production and transmission
power linemen/women and cable installers supervisor
power shovel mechanic
power shovel operator
power shovel operator helper
power station electrician
power station electrician - electrical power system
power system electrician
power system electricians supervisor
power systems electricians supervisor
power truck driver - material handling
powerhouse electrician - electrical power system
powerhouse machinery mechanic
powerline technician
power-tong operator
precast concrete caulker
precast concrete erector
precast concrete finisher
precision instrument machine shop foreman/woman
precision instrument mechanic
precision machinist
precision sheet metal fabricator
precision sheet metal mechanic
precision sheet metal worker
precision tool maker
precision welder
prefabricated house carpenter
preheater tender - pipelines
pressure vessel boilermaker
pressure vessel fabricator
pressure vessel welder
preventive maintenance mechanic technician
principal estimator - construction
printer repairers foreman/woman
printing machine mechanics foreman/woman
printing machine repair foreman/woman
printing machine repairers foreman/woman
printing machinery mechanic
printing press and machine mechanics foreman/woman
printing press machinist
process control equipment mechanic
process control equipment repairer
processing and packaging equipment maintenance foreman/woman
processing and packaging equipment maintenance supervisor
processing plant mechanic
production driller
production equipment maintenance mechanic supervisor
production foreman/woman - mining and quarrying
production induction brazier
production line solderer
production line spot welder
production line welder
production loader operator
production machine shop foreman/woman
production machinery maintenance foreman/woman
production machinery maintenance mechanic
production machinery maintenance mechanic supervisor
production machinery maintenance mechanics foreman/woman
production machinery mechanic
production mechanic
production miner
production spot welder
production tooling maintenance mechanic
production tubing operator - oil field services
production welder
professional estimator - construction
professional quantity surveyor
progressive die fitter
Project manager – Carpentry Trades
Project manager – Electrical Trades and Telecommunications
Project manager – Heavy Construction Equipment Crews
Project manager – Machinists and Related Occupations
Project manager – Mechanic Trades
Project manager – Metal Forming, Shaping and Erecting Trades
Project manager – Mining and Quarrying
Project manager – Oil and Gas Drilling and Service
Project manager – Other Construction Trades, Installers, Repairers
Project manager – Pipefitting Trades
propeller inspector - machining
propeller repair foreman/woman
prototype machinist
public works maintenance equipment operators supervisor
pulvimixer operator
pump mechanic and repairer
pump operator, well treatment - oil field services
pump tender, cement and concrete
pumper operator - oil field services
pumpman/woman - oil field services
quality control foreman/woman - metal machining
quantity surveyor - construction
quantity surveyor-estimator
quarry driller
quarry dump attendant
quarry foreman/woman
quarry labourer
quarry supervisor
radiator plumber
rail crane operator
rail fence builder
rail transport equipment repair foreman/woman
rail transport equipment repairers foreman/woman
railway car and locomotive pipefitter
railway car inspection foreman/woman
railway car inspectors foreman/woman
railway car loader
railway car maintenance foreman/woman
railway car maintenance supervisor
railway car puller - crane
railway car repair foreman/woman
railway car repairer foreman/woman
railway construction and maintenance superintendent
railway equipment department supervisor
railway equipment maintenance inspectors foreman/woman
railway gang foreman/woman
railway rolling stock assembly foreman/woman
railway rolling stock manufacturing foreman/woman
railway signal installer
railway signal maintainer
railway track laying foreman/woman
railway track maintenance foreman/woman
railway track section boss
railwaymen/women foreman/woman
raise borer helper - underground mining
raise boring machine operator - underground mining
raise driller - underground mining
raise miner
raise miner helper
raker, asphalt
reach truck operator
ready-mix truck loader
recreation equipment erector
recreation structure erector
recreational equipment installer
recycled paper handler
reeled tubing operator - oil field services
refractory brick repairer-mason
refractory bricklayer
refractory bricklayer foreman/woman
refractory bricklayer helper
refractory builder
refractory mason
refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulator
refrigeration and air conditioning equipment insulators foreman/woman
refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic
refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic (non-construction)
refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic apprentice
refrigeration and mechanical technician
refrigeration and mechanical technician - military
refrigeration contractor
refrigeration foreman/woman
refrigeration mechanic
refrigeration mechanic apprentice
refrigeration mechanics foreman/woman
refrigeration system installer
refrigeration technician
refrigeration technician - military
reinforcing iron worker
reinforcing rodworker
reinforcing steel ironworker
reinforcing wire mesh worker
relay tester and maintainer - electrical power system
relay tester and repairer - electrical power system
relieving surface foreman/woman - mining
renovation carpenter
renovation carpenter helper
repair foreman/woman, power lines
repair foreman/woman, propellers
repair foreman/woman, telecommunication lines
repair lineman/woman - electric power systems
repair shop foreman/woman, hydraulic units
repairer, can seamer machines
repairer, carton-forming machines
repairer, central air conditioning
repairer, farm tractors
repairer, forge equipment
repairer, forge shop machinery
repairer, gas appliances - customer service
repairer, industrial process control equipment
repairer, mine hoists
repairer, nucleonic controllers
repairer, oil tools
repairer, oven equipment
repairer, steam turbines
repairer, water conditioners
repairer, water softeners
repairer, water-softening systems
repairer, windmills
repairman/woman, diesel locomotives - railway
residential building shingler
residential construction bricklayer
residential construction foreman/woman
residential construction painter
residential construction plumber
residential construction supervisor
residential construction wirer
residential door installer
residential floor and wall covering installer
residential painter
residential steep roofer
residential wall and floor covering installer
residential wireman/woman
resilient floor installer
resilient floor layer
resistance brazer
resistance seam welder
resistance welder
resistance welder tender
resistance welder, hand
resistance welder-setter
resistance welding machine setter
resistance welding set-up man/woman
restoration carpenter
restoration stonemason
rig electrician
rig manager - oil and gas drilling
rig mechanic
rig welder
rigger (except shipbuilding and aircraft assembly)
rigger, ship
rigger`s helper - construction
ring drill operator
ripper operator - heavy equipment
rip-rap placer
road boss, highway and bridge maintenance
road boss, paving gang
road construction boss
road construction foreman/woman
road foreman/woman, airport runways
road form setter
road gang foreman/woman
road grader operator
road maintenance foreman/woman
road mixer operator
road mixer operator helper
road planer operator
road roller operator
road spray truck helper
roadheader operator
roadmaker - underground mining
roadmaster - railway
rodworker apprentice
roll builder-repairer - rolling mills
roll setter - rolling mills
roller operator
roller repairer - industrial equipment
roof bolter
roof painter
roof shinglers supervisor
roof tiler
roofer and waterproofer
roofer helper
roofer helper, asphalt
roofer trainee
roofer, asphalt
roofer, asphalt and gravel
roofer, asphalt shingles
roofer, built-up flat
roofer, gravel
roofer, metal
roofer, sheet metal
roofer, shingles
roofer, wood shingle
roofer-contractor (except metal roofs)
roofers (except sheet metal roofs) foreman/woman
roofers and shinglers supervisor
roofers foreman/woman
roofing contractor
roofing contractor (except sheet metal roofs)
roofing mechanic
roofing supervisor
rotary driller helper - water well
rotary drilling machine operator
rotary drilling machine operator - surface mining and quarrying
rotary raise driller - underground mining
rotary raise driller helper
rotary trencher operator
rough carpenter
rough painter - construction
roundhouse foreman/woman - railway
routeman/woman, pool service
rubberizing machine mechanic
rug installer
rug layer
runway paving foreman/woman
sack packer, hand - material handling
salvage foreman/woman - mining
sand fill boss - underground mining
sand fill man/woman
sand fill man/woman - hydraulic stowing
sander and finisher, floor
sander, drywall
sander, wallboards
satellite antenna installer
satellite dish installer
scaffold erector
scarifier operator
scoop operator - underground mining
scoop tram operator
scoop tram operator - underground mining
scraper operator
screed operator, asphalt paving
seam caulker - construction
seat installer - construction
section boss, railway track
section foreman/woman, railway
seismic prospecting driller
senior estimator - construction
senior foreman/woman - mining
septic system contractor
septic system installer
septic tank installer
service crew worker - underground mining
service foreman/woman, power lines
service lineman/woman - electric power systems
service routeman/woman, pools
service supervisor, telecommunication lines
service technician, industrial instruments
service technician, process control equipment
servicer, automatic door systems
servicer, central air conditioning
servicer, gas
servicer, gas appliances - customer service
servicer, mobile home
servicer, mobile home equipment
servicer, pools
servicer, swimming pool
servicer, water conditioner
servicer, water heaters
setter, artificial stones
setter, marble
setter, monuments
setter, simulated stones
setter, skids
setter, steel forms - underground mining
set-up machinist
set-up man/woman, resistance welding
sewage pipelayer
sewage treatment plant mechanic
sewer construction foreman/woman
sewer digger
sewer installation foreman/woman
shaft conveyance operator
shaft driller
shaft inspector
shaft miner
shaper, structural steel plates
shearer operator - underground mining
shearing machine operator - underground mining
sheather helper
shed foreman/woman - construction
sheet metal contractor
sheet metal fabricator
sheet metal installer
sheet metal mechanic
sheet metal mechanic apprentice
sheet metal model maker
sheet metal patternmaker
sheet metal roofer
sheet metal roofing contractor
sheet metal work erector
sheet metal worker
sheet metal worker - manufacturing
sheet metal worker - specialty manufacturing
sheet metal worker helper - construction
sheet metal worker, construction
sheet metal worker, maintenance
sheet metal workers foreman/woman
sheet metal workers supervisor
sheetrock applicator
shield operator
shielded-metal arc welder
shift boss - mining and quarrying
shift foreman/woman - mining and quarrying
shift leader - mining and quarrying
shingle piler - material handling
shingle roofer
shingle roofing contractor
shingler trainee
shingler, asphalt
shingler, cedar
shingler, cedar shakes
shingler, wood
ship crane operator
ship joiner
ship joiners foreman/woman
ship pipefitter
ship rigger
ship riggers foreman/woman
ship steamfitter
ship`s electrician
ship`s electrician - shipbuilding and repair
ship`s electrician - water transport
ship`s plater
shipbuilding carpenter
shipbuilding fitter
shipbuilding joiner
shipfitter apprentice
shipfitters foreman/woman
shipment assembler
shipwright, metal
shipwright, wood
shipyard electrician
shipyard machine shop foreman/woman
shop foreman/woman, aircraft hydraulics repair
shop foreman/woman, appliance repair
shop foreman/woman, automotive body repair
shop foreman/woman, boilermaking
shop foreman/woman, household electrical appliance repair
shop foreman/woman, hydraulic unit repair
shop foreman/woman, meter repair
shop foreman/woman, motor vehicle repair
shop foreman/woman, small engine repair
shop foreman/woman, transformer repair
shop foreman/woman, wheels - railway equipment
shop supervisor, automotive body repair
shop supervisor, automotive repair and service
shop supervisor, automotive testing
shop supervisor, electrical appliance repair
shop supervisor, motor vehicle repair
shop supervisor, small engine repair
shop supervisor, small equipment repair
shore dredging labourer
shot firer
shot firer - underground mining
shot foreman/woman - mining and quarrying
shotman/woman - underground mining
shovel operator - heavy equipment
shuttle car operator
side boom operator - pipeline construction
side boom tractor operator
side seaming tender
sideboom mechanic
sider helper
sidewalk concrete finisher
siding applicator
siding contractor
siding installer
sign carpenter
sign erector
sign erector, commercial
sign erector, highways
sign installer
signal maintainer, railway
signaling system installation foreman/woman
simulated stone mason
single-ply roofer
site foreman/woman, construction
skid setter - pipeline construction
skidder - fruit packing
skip loader - underground mining
skip operator
skip tender
skip tender - underground mining
slinger - construction
slip form curb machine tender
sludge pump operator - underground mining
slusher operator - underground mining
small engine repair foreman/woman
small-engine repair shop foreman/woman
small-engine repair shop supervisor
small-equipment repair shop supervisor
small-machines repair shop supervisor
smelter liner
smokestack bricklayer
snow fence erector
snow-grooming machine operator
snubbing-unit operator
soft rock miner
solar heating equipment installer
solar heating technician
solderer, furnace
solderer, induction
soldering machine operator
sound insulator
soundproof material installer
spacer - pipeline construction
specialized painter and decorator
splicer, cables - electric power systems
spot resistance welder
spot welder
spray truck helper
spreader box tender
spreader operator - heavy equipment
sprinkler and fire protection installer
sprinkler fitter
sprinkler fitters foreman/woman
sprinkler system contractor
sprinkler system fitter
sprinkler system installer
sprinkler system installer (non-construction)
sprinkler system installer apprentice
sprinkler system installer foreman/woman
sprinkler system installers supervisor
sprinkler systems contractor
stabber - pipeline construction
stacker - material handling
stacker operator - heavy equipment
stacker operator - material handling
stacking machine operator - material handling
stacking machine tender - material handling
stage carpenter
stain glass installers foreman/woman
stained glass glazier
stained glass glaziers foreman/woman
stair builder-carpenter
stair builders foreman/woman
stairway carpenter
stamping die finisher
stamping die maker, bench
stationary farm equipment mechanic
steam fitter`s helper - construction
steam heating installer
steam main servicer
steam pipefitter
steam plant maintenance mechanic
steam turbine repairer
steamfitter - shipbuilding
steamfitter foreman/woman
steamfitter, ships
steamfitter/pipefitter (non-construction)
steamfitters supervisor
steel erector helper
steel fabricator
steel fabricator - structural metal and platework
steel fitter - metal platework
steel fitter - structural metal
steel form setter - underground mining
steel form setting worker
steel forms setter helper
steel frame erectors foreman/woman
steel plate shaper - ships
steel structure erectors foreman/woman
steel structure forming, shaping and erecting contractor
steel stud erector - non-bearing walls
steel truss erectors foreman/woman
steel-rule die maker
steelwork erector - underground mining
stevedores foreman/woman
stevedoring foreman/woman
stock helper
stock-keeper helper
stone setter
stone spreader operator, manual
stonemason foreman/woman
stonemason, chimney repair
stonemason, restoration
stonemasonry contractor
stope driller - underground mining
stope foreman/woman - mining
stope miner
storage foreman/woman
storage man/woman
storage worker - material handling
straddle carrier operator
straddle truck operator
street paver operator
street paver, asphalt operator
streetlight repairer
streetlight repairer - electric power systems
streetlight serviceman/woman - electric power systems
streetlight servicer - electric power systems
strip mine blasting foreman/woman
stripping shovel operator
structural glass glazier
structural glass installer
structural hydraulic jack erector
structural iron erector
structural iron worker
structural metal and platework fabricator
structural metal and platework fabricator apprentice
structural metal and platework fitter
structural metal and platework fitter-welder
structural metal and platework layout developer
structural metal and platework layout marker
structural metal and platework plater
structural metal erector
structural metal fabricator
structural metal fitter
structural metal fitter-assembler
structural metal layout marker
structural metal worker
structural plate fitter helper - construction
structural steel and platework fitter
structural steel contractor
structural steel erecting contractor
structural steel erector
structural steel erector helper
structural steel fabricator
structural steel fitter
structural steel plate shaper
structural steelwork and platework fitter
structure seat installer
structures technician (drywalling) - military
stucco lather
stucco plasterer
stucco plasterers foreman/woman
studio carpenter
submerged arc welder
submerged arc welding machine operator
substation electrician - electrical power system
superintendent, race track maintenance
supermarket jigger operator
supervisor bricklaying
supervisor cement finishing
supervisor, aircraft maintenance - aircraft mechanical systems
supervisor, aircraft maintenance engineers (AME)
supervisor, aircraft maintenance mechanical systems
supervisor, aircraft maintenance service
supervisor, aircraft mechanical systems maintenance service
supervisor, aircraft servicing
supervisor, appliance repair shop
supervisor, automotive body repair shop
supervisor, automotive body shop
supervisor, automotive repair and service shop
supervisor, automotive service mechanics
supervisor, automotive testing shop
supervisor, bicycle repair shop
supervisor, body shop
supervisor, boilermakers
supervisor, bricklayer
supervisor, building insulation
supervisor, cable installation
supervisor, cable maintenance and repair
supervisor, cablevision technicians
supervisor, camera repair shop
supervisor, carpenters
supervisor, carpentry
supervisor, construction - underground mining and quarrying
supervisor, construction electricians
supervisor, construction painters
supervisor, drywall installers
supervisor, electrical appliance repair shop
supervisor, electrical installation
supervisor, electrical load testers
supervisor, electrical power inspectors and testers
supervisor, electrical wiring inspectors
supervisor, electricians
supervisor, elevator maintenance service
supervisor, exterminating service
supervisor, factory electricians
supervisor, floor covering
supervisor, garage - motor vehicles
supervisor, gas fitters
supervisor, gas service
supervisor, glazier
supervisor, glazing
supervisor, heavy equipment mechanics
supervisor, heavy equipment operators
supervisor, industrial electricians
supervisor, industrial mechanics
supervisor, ironworks
supervisor, latherers
supervisor, line and cable installation and maintenance
supervisor, line and cable workers
supervisor, machine fitters
supervisor, machine shop
supervisor, machining
supervisor, machinists
supervisor, maintenance electricians
supervisor, mechanical maintenance
supervisor, mechanical maintenance - manufacturing
supervisor, metal-mould and metal-patternmakers
supervisor, mine
supervisor, motor vehicle mechanics
supervisor, motor vehicle repair shop
supervisor, oilfield construction
supervisor, open pit mine
supervisor, painters and decorators
supervisor, pest control
supervisor, pipe fitters
supervisor, plant electricians
supervisor, plastering
supervisor, platework fabricators
supervisor, plumbers
supervisor, power linemen/women and cable installers
supervisor, power system electricians
supervisor, power systems electricians
supervisor, processing and packaging equipment maintenance
supervisor, production equipment maintenance mechanic
supervisor, production machinery maintenance mechanic
supervisor, public works maintenance equipment operators
supervisor, quarry
supervisor, railway car maintenance
supervisor, railway car repairers
supervisor, railway equipment department
supervisor, residential construction
supervisor, residential electricians
supervisor, roof shingling
supervisor, roofers and shinglers
supervisor, roofing
supervisor, sheet metal roofers
supervisor, sheet metal workers
supervisor, small-engine repair shop
supervisor, small-equipment repair shop
supervisor, small-machines repair shop
supervisor, sprinkler system installers
supervisor, steamfitters
supervisor, structural metal fitters
supervisor, surface mine
supervisor, telecommunications
supervisor, telephone installation
supervisor, textile mechanics
supervisor, tilesetters
supervisor, tilesetting
supervisor, tool and die inspectors
supervisor, tool and die makers
supervisor, tooling inspectors
supervisor, water well drilling
supervisor, welders
supervisor, well digging
supervisor, well drilling
supervisor, well services crew - oil field services
supervisor, yard - mining and quarrying
supply boss - mining
supply foreman/woman - mining
support miner
surface foreman/woman - mining
surface mine blasting foreman/woman
surface mine foreman/woman
surface mine supervisor
surface mining equipment operator
swimming pool contractor
swimming pool filter and heater installer
swimming pool installer
swimming pool repairer
swimming pool servicer
swimming pool worker
tack welder
tamper operator - construction
tank builder helper
tank truck loader
tannery machinery repairer
taper, drywall
tar and gravel roofer
tar roofer
tarmac paving foreman/woman
technician, dental equipment - military
technician, hulls - military
technician, industrial instruments
technician, materials - military
technician, solar heating
telecommunication cable installation foreman/woman
telecommunication line installation, repair and testing foreman/woman
telecommunication line installation, repair and testing supervisor
telecommunication line installers foreman/woman
telecommunication line installers, repairers and testers foreman/woman
telecommunication line maintenance foreman/woman
telecommunication line maintenance supervisor
telecommunication line repairers foreman/woman
telecommunication line service supervisor
telecommunication service foreman/woman
telecommunication system installers and repairers foreman/woman
telecommunications contractor
telecommunications supervisor
telephone equipment installers foreman/woman
telephone installation foreman/woman
telephone installation supervisor
television antenna installer
template maker - tool and die
tender, air lock
tender, cage - underground mining
tender, cement and concrete pump
tender, conveyor - material handling (except underground mines)
tender, orepass - underground mining
tender, power curber
tender, skip
tender, skip - underground mining
tender, spreader box - construction
tender, stacking machine - material handling
terra cotta mason
terrazzo finisher
terrazzo finisher helper
terrazzo finishing contractor
terrazzo floor layer
terrazzo grinder, manual
terrazzo layer
terrazzo layer helper
terrazzo machine grinder
terrazzo mason
terrazzo mechanic
terrazzo mechanic helper
terrazzo polisher
terrazzo polisher helper
terrazzo polisher-contractor
terrazzo polishing contractor
terrazzo setter
terrazzo setters foreman/woman
terrazzo worker
terrazzo, tile and marble setter
textile machine mechanics foreman/woman
textile machine mechanics supervisor
textile machinery assembly foreman/woman
thermite welder
tier lift truck operator
TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder
tile and marble contractor
tile fitter
tile floor layer
tile installer
tile layer
tile layer helper
tile mason
tile mechanic
tile roofer
tile setter helper
tile, terrazzo and marble setting contractor
tiler, roofs
tilesetter, apprentice
tilesetters foreman/woman
tilesetters lead hand
tilesetters supervisor
tilesetting contractor
tilesetting supervisor
timberman/woman - mines
timberman/woman - underground mining
tinsmith - sheet metal work
tinsmith helper - construction
tinsmith roofer
tipman/woman - surface coal mining
tire mould repairer
tobacco-processing machine adjuster
tobacco-processing machine mechanic
tombstone erector
tombstone setter
tool and die inspector
tool and die inspectors foreman/woman
tool and die inspectors supervisor
tool and die maker
tool and die maker apprentice
tool and die maker, injection moulds
tool and die makers foreman/woman
tool and die makers supervisor
tool and die making supervisor
tool and die preparer
tool and die repairer
tool and die welder
tool and gauge inspector
tool fitter
tool maintainer
tool maintenance man/woman
tool maker, bench
tool maker, jig bore
tool oiler and maintenance mechanic
tool oiler and repairer
tool repairer
tool repairman/woman
tooling foreman/woman
tooling inspector
tooling inspectors foreman/woman
tooling inspectors supervisor
tooling supervisor
toolpusher - offshore drilling rig
toolpusher - oil and gas well
toolroom foreman/woman
toolroom inspector
toolroom machinist
top cager - underground mining
torch brazer
torch brazing machine setter
torch welder
tow motor driver (except air transport)
tower crane erector
tower crane operator
tower line maintainer - electric power systems
tower lineman/woman - electric power systems
track boss
track boss - railway
track boss - underground mining
track equipment operator - underground mining
track foreman/woman - railway
track foreman/woman, streetcar
track-loader operator
trackman/woman - underground mining
trackperson - underground mining
tractor crane operator
tractor mechanic
tractor mechanic, farm
tractor operator - construction
tractor repairer, farm
tractor-excavator operator
trades helper - construction
tradesman/woman cabinetmaker
traffic light installer
traffic light repairer
traffic signal installer
trainman/woman - underground mining
transfer hoist operator
transformer repair shop foreman/woman
transmission lineman/woman - electric power systems
transport refrigeration mechanic
transport refrigeration technician
travel trailer installer-servicer
treatment plant maintenance mechanic
trench digger
trench-digging machine operator
trenching machine operator
trouble foreman/woman - telecommunications
troubleshooter foreman/woman - telecommunications
troubleshooter, gas works
truck crane operator
truck load weigher
truck loader
tube fitter - structural metal and platework
tungsten inert gas (TIG) welder
tunnelling machine operator
tunnelling machine operator helper - construction
turbine assembly foreman/woman
turbine blade machinist
turbine pipefitter
type-soldering machine tender
undercutter operator - underground mining
underground cable splicer - electric power systems
underground electrical conduit foreman/woman
underground labourer - construction
underground lineman/woman - electric power systems
underground mine foreman/woman
unloader, glass cut-off machine
upgrading plant mechanic
used building materials yard attendant
utility plant maintenance mechanic
van loader
vanity and kitchen cupboard installer
vanity and kitchen cupboard installer helper
Venetian blind installer
ventilation man/woman - underground mining
vibrator roller operator
vibratory compactor operator
vibratory road roller operator
vibratory roller operator
vinyl floor installer
vinyl floor layer
vinyl paperhanger
vinyl pool installer
vinyl tile layer
voltage regulator maintainer - electrical power system
wagon drill operator - underground mining
walking bridge crane operator
wall and ceiling installer
wall and floor covering installer, residential
wallboard installer
wallboard sander
wallboard taper
warehouse keeper helper
warehouse worker - material handling
water conditioner repairer
water conditioner servicer
water filtration plant mechanic
water heater installer
water heater servicer
water pipe installer
water softener installer
water softener repairer
water softener servicer
water softening system servicer
water treatment plant mechanic
water well driller helper
water well drilling contractor
water well drilling foreman/woman
water well drilling supervisor
waterproofer - construction
waterproofer and roofer
waterproofer helper
waterproofers foreman/woman
waterproofing foreman/woman
water-softening system repairer
waterworks construction foreman/woman
weather strip installer
weather stripper
weigher, truck loads
welder apprentice
welder foreman/woman
welder operator
welder, aircraft
welder, arc
welder, combination
welder, drilling platform
welder, drilling rig
welder, gas
welder, gas and arc
welder, gas-shielded arc
welder, heliarc
welder, metal inert gas (MIG)
welder, MIG (metal inert gas)
welder, oxyacetylene
welder, oxyacetylene torch
welder, oxyhydrogen
welder, pipeline
welder, precision
welder, pressure vessels
welder, production line
welder, resistance
welder, shielded-metal arc
welder, spot
welder, submerged arc
welder, TIG (tungsten inert gas)
welder, tool and die
welder, tungsten inert gas (TIG)
welder-setter, resistance
welding contractor
welding equipment mechanic
welding equipment repairer
welding lay-out man/woman
welding machine mechanic
welding machine operator
welding machine operator, gas-shielded arc
welding machine operator, submerged arc
welding supervisor
well digging contractor
well digging supervisor
well drilling contractor
well drilling supervisor
well services crew supervisor - oil and gas drilling
well services crew supervisor - oil field services
well treatment blender operator - oil field services
well treatment pump operator - oil field services
wheel shop foreman/woman - railway equipment
wheelwright, farm machinery
windmill repairer
window air conditioner installer
window and door installer, aluminum
window caulker
window installer
window sash and frame glazier
window shade installer
wire fence erector
wire lather
wire mesh setter
wire splicer - electric power systems
wire welder
wire-drawing die maker
wireline field supervisor - oil field services
wirer, residential construction
wiring electrician
wood floor covering layer
wood floor installer
wood frame building foreman/woman
wood frame carpenter
wood frame house carpenter
wood furniture and fixtures patternmaker
wood lather
wood model maker
wood mould maker
wood pattern inspector
wood pattern repairman/woman - foundry
wood patternmaker
wood patternmakers foreman/woman
wood shingle roofer
wood shingle roofers foreman/woman
wood shingle roofing contractor
wood shingler
wood shipwright
wood siding applicator
wooden boatbuilder
wooden fence erector
wooden panel installer
wooden window sash installer
worker, structural iron
worker-fitter, structural steel plates
wrapper, paper - material handling
wrecker, buildings
wrecker, buildings and houses
wrecking crane operator
wrecking crew foreman/woman
yard attendant, used building materials
yard boss - mining and quarrying
yard supervisor - mining and quarrying
zinc roofers foreman/woman