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Technicians, Engineering Technologists - All Other NOC #9003
3D CNC (computer numerical control) programmer
aerological observer
aerological technician
aeronautical technologist
aerospace engineering technician
aerospace engineering technologist
agricultural engineering technician
air pollution field technician
aircraft avionics technician
aircraft electrical equipment inspector and tester
aircraft electrical mechanic
aircraft electrical system mechanic
aircraft electrical technician
aircraft electrician
aircraft electronic equipment inspector and tester
aircraft electronic equipment installer
aircraft electronic system mechanic
aircraft instrument inspector
aircraft instrument mechanic
aircraft instrument technician
aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) - avionics
AME (aircraft maintenance engineer) - avionics
analyst, mines
analytical chemistry technician
analytical chemistry technologist
analytical technician, chemical
apprentice avionics technician
architectural and engineering technologists and technicians supervisor
assayer - mineralogy
assayer, gold
assayer, precious metals
assistant, laboratory - applied chemistry
audio amplifier repairer - production
audio amplifier repairman - production
audio amplifier repairwoman - production
automation technologist
avalanche controller
avalanche observer
aviation electrical components technician
aviation electronic components technician
aviation instrument technician
avionics and electronics calibration specialist
avionics inspector
avionics maintenance technician
avionics mechanic
avionics systems installer
avionics systems technician - military
avionics technician
biochemistry laboratory technician
biochemistry laboratory technologist
biochemistry technician (except medical)
biochemistry technologist
biochemistry technologist (except medical)
biomedical and laboratory equipment repairer
biomedical and laboratory equipment repairman
biomedical and laboratory equipment repairwoman
biomedical engineering technologist
brewery technician
brewery technician - applied chemistry
bridge design technician
building materials technician
CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing) programmer
CAD/CAM programmer
CAD-CAM/NC (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing/numerical control) programmer
calibration tester
cellulose film solutions tester
certified avionics technician
chemical analysis specialist
chemical analyst
chemical engineering technician
chemical engineering technologist
chemical laboratory analyst
chemical laboratory supervisor
chemical laboratory technician
chemical laboratory technologist
chemical process analyst
chemical process technologist
chemical processing quality control technician
chemical processing quality control technologist
chemical products quality control technologist
chemical research technician
chemical research technologist
chemical technician
chemical technician - heavy water plant and nuclear generating station
chemical technician, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)
chemical technician, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
chemical technologist
circuit designer - railway
civil engineering design technologist
civil engineering studies technologist
civil engineering technician
civil engineering technologist
climate data processor
climate service specialist
climate service technician
climatological technician
CNC (computer numerical control) Mastercam programmer
CNC (computer numerical control) programmer
CNC (computer numerically controlled) technologist
CNC-CMM (computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine) programmer
communications equipment repairer - avionics
communications equipment repairman - avionics
communications equipment repairwoman - avionics
communications technologist
compressed gases tester
computer communications technician
computer hardware specialist
computer hardware technologist
computer inspector-tester
computer numerical control (CNC) Mastercam programmer
computer numerically controlled coordinate measuring machine (CNC-CMM) programmer
computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programmer
concrete technician
construction and maintenance technician - military
construction engineering procedures technician - military
construction engineering technician
construction engineering technician - military
construction requirements writer
construction specifications writer
construction technician
construction technician - civil engineering
construction technologist
control panels tester
control systems tester
controller, avalanche
cost estimator, manufacturing
cryonics engineering technologist
design technologist, civil engineering
design technologist, electrical and electronics
design technologist, lines distribution
designer, heating
designer, machines
designer, mechanical engineering equipment
designer, mould
designer, tools and die
development technologist - telecommunications
diamond drilling technician
die designer
digital electronics technician
distribution planning technologist
documents examiner - applied chemistry
drilling fluid technician
dyeing and finishing technician
dyeing and finishing technologist
dyeing technician
electrical and electronics design technologist
electrical and electronics quality control technologist
electrical and electronics technician - avionics
electrical engineering design technologist
electrical engineering technician
electrical engineering technologist
electrical inspector, aircraft
electrical power supply system technician
electrical power system planning technician
electrical power system technician
electrical technician
electrician, aircraft
electricity distribution network technologist
electromechanical technician
electromechanical technician - military
electromedical equipment technician
electronic accessories repair and overhaul mechanic - avionics
electronic components inspection technician
electronic components technician, aircraft
electronic equipment maintenance technician
electronic equipment repairer, hospital
electronic equipment repairman, hospital
electronic equipment repairwoman, hospital
electronic prototype technologist
electronic systems tester
electronics design technologist
electronics engineering design technologist
electronics engineering technician
electronics engineering technologist
electronics inspector, aircraft
electronics inspector, missiles
electronics manufacturing technician
electronics manufacturing technologist
electronics mechanic - avionics
electronics production support technician
electronics quality control troubleshooter
electronics technician
electronics technician, drilling rigs
electronics technologist, physics department
electro-technician - avionics
electro-technician, aircrafts and missiles - avionics
electro-technician, missiles - avionics
engineering assistant, mechanical equipment
engineering technologist - electrical power distribution
environmental technician
equipment development technician
fabric design technologist
fibre optics technician
fibre optics technologist
field technician, air pollution
fire control systems technician, land - military
fire control technician, electronic - military
fire control technician, optronic - military
fire protection technician
food processing quality control technician
food processing quality control technologist
food technician
food technologist
forensic examiner - alcohol
forensic lab analyst, chemical
forensic laboratory technician
forest products technologist
formulation technician
foundation technologist
foundry laboratory technician
fuel technician
gas chromatographer
geochemical technician
geochemical technologist
geological engineering technician
geological engineering technologist
geological prospecting technologist
geological survey technician
geological technician
geological technologist
geology technical assistant
geophysical data technician
geophysical equipment operator, airborne
geophysical observer
geophysical prospecting technologist
geophysical survey technician
geophysical survey technologist
geophysical technician
geophysical technologist
gold assayer
gold prospector
gravity data technician
groundwater technologist
handwriting expert, forensic
heat treat technician
heating designer
heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technologist
highway construction materials testing technician
highway technician
highway traffic technician
holographics technician
holographics technologist
home automation technician
home economics technologist
home lighting technician
house automation technician
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems specialist
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) technologist
hydrographic survey technician
hydrographic survey technologist
hydrological technician
hydrology technician
ice observer
ice service specialist
industrial engineering analyst
industrial engineering technician
industrial engineering technologist
industrial hygiene technologist
injection moulding technician
inspector and tester, aircraft electrical equipment
inspector and tester, aircraft electronic equipment
inspector, avionics
inspector, pharmaceuticals
installer, aircraft electronic equipment
instrument electrical-technician - military
instrument inspector and tester - avionics
instrument inspector, aircraft
instrument mechanic - avionics
instrument overhaul and repair mechanic - avionics
instrument overhaul technician - avionics
instrument shop inspector - avionics
instrument technician, aircraft
instruments and accessories inspector - avionics
inventory control technician
laboratory assistant - applied chemistry
laboratory technician - metallurgy
laboratory technician, chemical
laboratory technologist, chemical
laboratory tester
laboratory tester - pulp and paper
laboratory tester, chemical processing
land use technician
laser technician
lighting technologist
lines distribution design technologist
log analyst
log technician
loss prevention technologist
machine designer
machine tool designer
magnetic observer
manufacturing cost estimator
manufacturing technician
manufacturing technician - industrial engineering
manufacturing technologist
marine engineering technician, mechanical
marine engineering technologist
marine geoscience technologist
mass spectrometer technician
mass spectrometer technologist
mass spectrometry technician
master dyer - textiles
materials handling technician
materials testing technician
materials testing technologist
measures technician
mechanic, aircraft electrical systems