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Drafting Technologists and Technicians NOC #2253
aeronautical draftsperson
air conditioning systems draftsperson
architectural draftsperson
CAD (computer assisted drafting)
CAD (computer-aided design) specialist - drafting
CAD (computer-aided design) technologist
CAD (computer-assisted drafting) draftsman - printed circuit boards
CAD (computer-assisted drafting) draftsperson - printed circuit boards
CAD (computer-assisted drafting) draftswoman - printed circuit boards
CAD (computer-assisted drafting) technician
CAD operator
checker, drafting
chief draftsperson
civil draftsperson
commercial draftsperson
computer aided drafting (CAD) technician
computer assisted electromechanical design draftsperson
computer-aided design (CAD) specialist - drafting
computer-aided design (CAD) technologist
computer-assisted design and drafting technologist
computer-assisted drafting (CAD) technician
design and drafting technologist
design checker, drafting
design draftsperson
design technician, drafting
design technologist - drafting
detail draftsperson
detailer - structural steel drafter
drafting checker
drafting clerk
drafting supervisor
drafting technician
drafting technician, design
drafting technologist
drafting tracer
draftsman - computer-assisted design
draftsman hull - shipbuilding and repair
draftsperon, civil
draftsperson - computer-assisted design
draftsperson hull - shipbuilding and repair
draftsperson, air conditioning systems
draftsperson, architectural
draftsperson, electrical
draftsperson, process piping
draftspersons supervisor
draftswoman - computer-assisted design
draftswoman hull - shipbuilding and repair
electrical drafting supervisor
electrical draftsperson
electromechanical draftsperson
electronic draftsperson
engineering design and drafting technologist
engineering draftsperson
general draftsperson
geological draftsperson
geophysical draftsperson
group leader, drafting
heating and ventilation systems draftsperson
heating systems draftsperson
hull draftsman - shipbuilding and repair
hull draftsperson - shipbuilding and repair
hull draftswoman - shipbuilding and repair
hydraulic machinery draftsperson
illustrator, technical - drafting
marine drafting supervisor
marine draftsperson, electrical
mechanical building draftsperson
mechanical design draftsperson
mechanical draftsperson
mine draftsperson
municipal draftsperson
optical draftsperson
petroleum exploration draftsperson
piping draftsperson
process piping draftsperson
refrigeration systems draftsperson
ship detail draftsperson
shipbuilding draftsperson
steel detailer - drafting
steel frame draftsman
steel frame draftsman/woman
steel frame draftsperson
steel frame draftswoman
structural draftsperson
structural steel detailer
structural steel drafter-detailer
structural steel draftsperson
supervisor, drafting
supervisor, drafting office
survey draftsperson
technical illustrator - drafting
technologist, CAD (computer-aided design)
technologist, computer-aided design (CAD)
tool checker - drafting
tool design draftsperson
tracer, drafting