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New SMS Technology Instantly Matches Employers with Job Seekers

Vancouver, British Columbia (Oct. 17, 2007) - Finding a job just got immensely faster, thanks to The Vancouver-based job board announced today the launch of its groundbreaking 2-way Short Message Service (SMS) Job Notifications. This revolutionary technology instantly connects employers to the most qualified potential candidates worldwide. It also further positions as a global leader in pairing workers in the highly competitive construction, mining, oil and gas industries with employers eager to have them.

Through the use of SMS technology, employers can immediately send job postings directly to job seekers via their mobile phones. With demand for labor at a peak, has thrived to give industry leaders the quickest, most efficient solution to their hiring needs. Real-time notification of lucrative opportunities delivered succinctly and without haste into the palms of top-notch trade professionals accomplishes this goal while also establishing an industry first.

The pioneering service allows trade professionals to view a text message that informs them of an opening and to respond instantly with word of their interest. In an industry where competition can be tough, the quick response factor of the SMS benefits both trade professionals and employers. Within seconds, skilled workers can apply for an available position by simply using the keypad of their cell phones. For workers in professions where employment is cyclical and ever-changing, finding the next work site has never been easier or more worry free.

“We’re looking to revolutionize the job board industry,” says Constantine Klemos, President and CEO of “Trade professionals will no longer have to spend their time reading through long and imposing lists of job advertisements to find the right match for them. And employers will have a targeted demographic of candidates to instantly inform about their posting.”


The SMS technology used by was developed by Klemos and the company’s director of information technology, Iyas Khadra. As the first job board on the planet enabled with text-messaging capability, is solidifying itself as a leader of the employment industry.

About is the job board dedicated to skilled workers and employers in the construction, traditional energy, alternative energy, environmental, manufacturing and mining industries. Armed with industry experience and strong business acumen, Vancouver-based has created an online community dedicated to skilled tradespeople in the U.S. and Canada and the companies that hire them. allows skilled tradespeople to search for specific jobs, and employers to post detailed job descriptions, in a number of different job categories. For example, heavy equipment operators can search specific job postings for backhoe operators, bulldozer operators, and excavator operators for the construction industry. Examples of other job categories for skilled trades workers include drywallers, plumbers, welders, gasfitters, and electricians. The oil & gas categories include postings for rig managers, well drillers, and well service operators. Since its inception, has gained wide support and industry recognition for its innovative approach and user-friendly design. is a proud member of the Canadian Construction Association, International Association of Employment Web Sites, Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA), and British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA). For further information, please contact 1-888-SKILL-10, or

Short Message Service or SMS, delivers text messages to mobile phones or computers and is the first online job board to offer SMS text messaging to both applicants and their potential employers. This new technology creates an enormous opportunity for employers to contact applicants about available job opportunities and those who are interested can respond right from their cell phone, anywhere, at anytime.  As well, as letting job seekers up to date to job offers in real time!

How does it work?

The Employer Account allows the user to post a job with an added text message. Depending on the category and country of the job posting, our proprietary system can look up the cell phone numbers of the workers who match their specific requirements and a job posting will be sent directly to the Skilled Worker’s server via SMS text messaging.

A Skilled Worker can apply for the job instantly from their cell phone and deliver an application directly to the employer’s account and e-mail inbox. This is a powerful, new way to instantaneously inform skilled workers about your job, right from your desktop.